Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Settling for Second all around-Kc Coed

 Roe had her best score on floor and bars Saturday scoring  a 9.4 on bars and 9.55 on floor, each earning her 1st place on those events. She jumped off fell on her leap on beam and had probably her worst beam routine. This was a great lesson for her, she had to compose herself and come back strong on her last 2 events, if you know her stubborn perfectionist attitude, this was a challenge for her.
( I thought the trophy gymnast looked a little scary?!)
 She actually missed 1st place all around by  0.025, don't you love the face? She had 14 in her age group and it was the longest most miserable awards ceremony with so many kids competing and some computer glitches.
 one action shot and no video this meet
 loved having Grampy & Grandma Susie there to watch
She was very proud having my parents there and entertained us with crazy faces and gestures on the podium.

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