Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cousin Exchange

 just missing the Pond Crew here...
 Grampy at the kids table, my mom made an amazing Turkey dinner, I was happy about since I didn't get any on T giving, she really is the best cook, that was not passed on to me.
 Cousins exchange, Roe got a super cute Kavu bag, thanks Kenzie!
 Xander got Cole an OSU blanket, I don't think he liked it much;)
 King got a new lampshade for his "office" in his room.
 More fun games to play, no that was not Roe's drink next to her...

King and Jude working on legos while the bigs are gaming

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Spoiled by Santa

The Miller's gave the kids a lighted star to put on the tree on Christmas Eve, these guys are easily entertained, I love that my kids have not gotten to the age that they think things are stupid or kiddish, then again their father is still a child at heart.
Night before Christmas story
I could night find a teepee anywhere!! I think Santa must have found this at Sams club, he must be a member too, because we aren't.

We love having Grampy and Grandma Susie on Christmas morning, don't get to see them enough:(
the Christmas pickle tradition
This year the pickle present was an oral B electric toothbrush, lots of practical gifts this year. My kids haven't had cavities yet, hope this brush doesn't disappoint.

Xander new swim goggles
Roe asked for a new bible and a massage, she got some earbuds too
It was a Packers Christmas for Jude, a signed jersey, not supposed to be worn
love this face
a new basketball

a heart to heart with Grampy

Monday, December 29, 2014

Ice ice baby

 We went ice skating on Christmas Eve, think this might be a tradition, fun for the whole fam, think our crew took up half the rink
 Kingston was awesome, he just wanted us to go faster and then he would pick up his feet or go to his knees like a stunt man, I thought I would be so sore after
 trying to get a group photo
 King was the only one looking for the pic
 these wild ones skated a second day for 3 hours, I guess it is better than gaming


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas in the lil Apple

 Tia booked a trolley light tour for us on the 23rd, my parents were in town and they are goers so we had to keep them busy while they were in town.
 a photo from Christmas day I had to take, we saw Annie and King drank this pop and peed 0 times, his bladder amazes me, it kept him entertained for the movie at least
 back to the trolley, the girls have to stick together
all together now, except Tia the photographer
 we had to stop at our house along the tour to potty, for the adults not the kids
 the wild whistlers at the front

To Grampy & Grandma's house we go...

 We headed to Hamilton for the weekend and had some super tight sleeping quarters but the kids had a blast, Kingston was cracking me up with this magnifying glass.
 games, games and more games for the weekend
 Grampy put on Bingo for the kids and cousins at the Legion, I love that Granny was right in on then kids bingo game
 Scrabble has been the game of choice lately for my bigs
 the cheaters, no your not allowed to look up words on your phone
 The best part was delivering my parents bikes for Christmas from us girls, they had no idea and I think they are pretty excited, love the baskets on the front.
Merry Christmas Grampy and Grandma Susie!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Snow Time

 Not sure who is loving the snow more, Kingston or Strudel
 checking for any yellow before he takes a bite
 He has got the snowball rolling down for the perfect snowman
 until Strudel beheaded it...
He isn't so much into Santa this year, but enjoyed the pancakes in pajamas at preschool:)