Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Cozy Christmas Eve

 twas the night before christmas & after this story, daddy started snoring within minutes
& santa forgot to bring us the king size bed
 Kenzie organized some fun minute to win it games, more on that later
 my boys are such lovers, getting hugs from Grandma Susie for the much wanted hoodie

 Mason in the house!!
Schmitts were heading out on Christmas am so we had to get cozy in our house for presents, dinner & of course games with a side of dancing, more on that later too.

My boys requested some remote control helicopters this becomes a little dangerous with 15 people around, Roe had to show them how to fly.

last available seating, on the fireplace

Saturday, December 28, 2013

White Christmas

 Santa delivered a snowboard for Christmas, what great timing and a gorgeous day to play in the snow. Jude was adamant about making all the way down the hill, which I wasn't able to do, on the snowboard. After a few hard wipeouts,  he made it!

Trav and I fit squeezed our butts on a saucer, those go the fastest.

snowball fight
Kingston was the best, he was so self sufficient. He would hike his little self up the hill with his sled and then sled right back down, repeat.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

On watch

 Jude hasn't quite made the good list yet, but is working hard for it. He is such a good worker and has such a sensitive, sweet heart, just needs to work a bit on listening.
 He made his list and sent it to Santa. He decided yesterday he really hopes Santa brings him an ipod???

On the naughty list

and I am not talking about Kingston! However, they are both loving this snow and tracking it in everywhere. Kingston was so cute, he dressed himself in his brothers pajama pants, one of his own slippers & one of Jude's (they did match:) to go out in the snow. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Holiday Trolley Tour

 Some friends treated us to the Trolley Holiday light tour on Friday night, I am sure Josh Runyan will not have any more babies any time soon after driving these kiddos around all night.
Complete with fun light necklaces, santa hats, hot chocolate, x mas music, & dog piles.  

 Good thing we have an ortho on board for injuries. Bryce started a new trend with one ear out of your stocking cap, I would prefer both in, blocks out some of the loud kid caroling going on.
 Blue light special house, we had to go by this one twice.
The music teachers would have been proud of these kids, they even put King to sleep!

I think these two are pretty cute.

Cheers to a fun entertaining evening, I had no idea there were so many lights in the little Apple.

Nutty Kids

Xander & a couple friends helped lead the school in his last sing a long during the Nutcracker:(


Monroe had to do her first booktalk for the year & she dressed in character. She wore my scrub top & dressed as a surgical nurse, I intended for her to put it on my top for the talk but she wanted to wear it all day. She read out loud some of the book to me, should make for an interesting movie, I hear there is one in the making.

She was nervous about being first, but to me seemed maybe too overly comfortable with her class. and here is um, part 2:)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Caroling Adventure

fun mom friend asked me about caroling around our neighborhood, which we have honestly never done, and the kids were thrilled about the idea, so we went for it. She sent out the above invite and each family brought cookies or hot chocolate to share following.
We have lots of older peeps in our neighborhood, so I think they truly appreciated it, thanks for planning Lindsey! 

I love that these 2 wanted to lead the pack, being some of the oldest of the kids. 

I didn't really think through having everyone over after since there were at least 12 families with 2 to usually more like 4 kids each, we were packed like sardines in our house. 

It was a gorgeous 50ish degree evening for caroling.

King was a helper for dipping marshmallow stir sticks, yum!

I think Jude liked the treats

Roe helped me with the santa hat brownies, we had some issues with the hats sliding off, how does pinterest make it look so easy and pretty?

Trav came through with the pinterest crockpot hot chocolate, lets say one crock didn't serve everyone!

Run to eat

I have joined these lovelies for the last 6 months, not so bright in the morning, to run a couple times a week. They are great motivators, usually go way faster than me, and have run multiple marathons. Dedra arranged a running party in which you had to wear sweats or cozies and bring your favorite running item to exchange. This is my kind of party with lots of tasty dips & drinks to share.
I scored with the Pioneer woman cookbook, not exactly a running accessory but that is why we run right? I love PW and have picked out several recipes to try.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On the 2nd day of Christmas...

I got my identity stolen! I left my car unlocked, I know stupid, in front of my house and got my purse stolen that looked like this. I really was not sick of this purse, it wasn't high dollar, it was a clearanced fossil so if you see it in your trash can or in a ditch, I would love it back! There was just a little change, along with my id's, bank card, credit cards, starbucks card, dillons card, manhattan high baseball card and lots of receipts. It has just been a big pain to have to cancel and reorder everything and be without the week before Christmas, it could be way worse I know. 

On the first day of christmas...

I got shingles! I am definitely not a pill taker and so happy to be almost done with these monstrous things. The good news is since I am 36 I finally got established with a primary care doctor since I don't think OBs will look at your back.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

To grandmothers house we go..

We spent the weekend in KC with the  Pond gang in town for the Salt Lake Real Sporting Kc soccer game.
The girls competed in the judge's cup in kc on Friday, the meet is not my favorite and in a small gym where you are literally on top of the gymnasts while they compete vault. This might have worked to Roe's advantage b/c vault was her best event. 
how my boys entertain each other at the meet

Roe got her first 0.00 scratch on bars in 5 years of competing, she has had a mental block the last few weeks so of course we had to document the 0.00 which took her out of placing in all around, lets hope this will pass. 
We tried out Spin Neopolitan Pizza in KC after, it was great & great with kids.
 Jessie & Preston got to come to Roe's meet &  we spent Fri night at the movies with them, wow what a difference the theaters in KC are, serve beer & wine!

Sat night we spent with these boys on the plaza, Kona Grill was awesome, a little frigid to enjoy the lights but fun!

I wish I could say we got lots of good shopping in, not so much, I don't do crowds or lines.

Trav and I tried out ice skating at Crown Center, I want to take the kids back, when it is about 30 degrees warmer!

girls @ Kona, we got some good people watching going on here. 
My parents sent me several pics with the kids over the weekend, one being these gingerbread masterpieces!

Im not a cat fan so the kids love to visit Honeysuckle @ my parents house.

I love that my kids love the simple life of just hanging out, roasting marshmallows, playing games and wearing the same clothes everyday, thanks mom & dad for having them!