Monday, February 22, 2016

Love is in the air

We continue to have full weekends of volleyball and basketball which makes me thankful I am not working them anymore, it still leaves extra kids so Xander got some quality time with Cole in Kc, I am not sure even where they are in this ferris wheel pic? Love this pic of Cole and Roe after taking 3rd at their tourney from a few weeks ago, have I mentioned in volleyball you have to stay and ref the championship game if you lose? It is awful!!!

Not surprising that this girl is super competitive.

Angie  & Kenzie are great to put up with my kid and devote so much time and energy of most of their weekends off to these girls, love them!

To her first coach that shaped her to the athlete she is today, love you Jerkya and miss you every day! We went to her grave the night of her 29th birthday, it was beautifully lit fittingly so.

You know your kids are getting old when only 2 of them have valentine parties, thanks Jess for another cute valentine!

Friday, February 12, 2016

A Wow-ing Week

We had high school orientation for Xander, this was a little overwhelming to say the least. Any input on electives he would take, always apologizing to my oldest kid, because I have no idea. The shops were pretty awesome and I put my request for a farm table if he was going to take wood shop.

These girls played 4 Topeka teams and ended up playing a Gold team for the championship, they lost the first set by 12 and had to come back and win two. Woohoo, I can't believe they did it, they tend to freak out in tournament play.

They probably won because I wasn't there yelling:((

Mardi Gras with this crew was entertaining, we won for awkward friend photos in the photo booth.

Im sad the night went so fast, it has been several years since we have been, and this year definitely did not disappoint. The band was great and so I spent most of the time on the dance floor and missed seeing several people that were there. The theme was Jazz Funeral and the face make up and dress was super fun.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Snow Fun!

All my bigs have found best friends in our neighborhood and Kingston has done the same, he talks and hangs out with Gavin so much he mistakingly calls his sibling their name, they are quite the duo!

They have made sledding hills at cico that are super awesome, thankfully we went during a time that the big kids were in school, or this could be a danger zone.