Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Camps, Cousins & Stampede

 Xander went to his first overnight camp to King Solomon, I think it was harder on me than him, I missed this guy, I talked to him twice on the phone for maybe 2 minutes, he loved the food:) and the experience.
 Jude's first baseball camp, this was also a great experience and he was all smiles
 Running bases, yes we need help with this, thankfully several of his team attended as well.
 Roe was invited to 4-h camp for a long weekend.

  Other than being hot on the top bunk, I think she also had a great time and talked up the food, I am sensing a theme here.
 We got to spend some time with Addie and Charlie, Nashville Says for a few days, nails were on the top of the agenda!
 Enjoying the park

some much needed sleep:)

Jeanne took the girls to Norman for the Bart Conner & Nadia gymnastics camp also for a long weekend. Roe said Bart & Nadia were there the whole time, I think that is awesome. Bart spotted her on bars, their son jumped around on the trampoline and Nadia worked out there over their lunch break, I would recommend!!

first day jitters

 Thank you Jeanne for showing my girl around the town.
 Enjoyed some Florida Georgia Line, they put on a great, mostly rap show, Trav thought it was Vanilla Ice at first
 We ran to our car Sat morning that we left parked at the camping ground Friday night, the "tubes" are crazy right now!!
 Travis Tritt with Lindsay
 girls night to Jerrod Niemann Thurs night
fun times, fun girls

Sweet Summertime

 Yay for the first baseball tournament that I didn't need a blanket or umbrella for!!
 These kids are awesome! I would probably feel differently if I coached them;)
Seriously though, they continue to lose a lot and make several mistakes, but are improving so much this season, love to watch this gang!

 Clay Center Tourney highlights=sun!! They beat a team they hadn't before and fought hard to the end, losing their last game by 1 run, not blaming anyone (Coach Travis)

 pick up sticks between games with siblings
 Our field was right next to Sonic so we had to take advantage of happy hour

Our scorekeepers

 Xander's first 3 day swim meet, I had fun watching on Friday.
He continues to swim every morning at 630, love his dedication to this sport I no nothing about, but love to watch!
 Boys got to meet up and swim against Charles who moved to Wichita this year. Coach Rob is getting ready to take the crew to Colorado to train for a week and Xander has to miss because his cousins will be in town, but it will be a great opportunity for these kiddos.

 Angie getting some math time in with my bigs
 Thankful for friends that take my kids to do fun things while I am at work, celebrating National Donut Day at Varsity in swim suits?
 The kids had another great week at VBS, Xander volunteered this year and besides the shirt color he and Jude were given, he enjoyed being a group leader of the 3rd graders.
 Hoping to spend lots of time with friends this year at their pool that I came super close to falling in fully clothed.

 Another season of softball starting

The pressure is on the pitcher because the coach doesn't come in to pitch this year!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Splashin good times

 My kids love the pool, we took advantage of a weekend day to go to City when I had Trav with me because I attempted once during the week and kept driving, I think it might serve as a babysitter for several kids during the week so we will avoid this again.
 This big blow up blue bouncy thing, looks a lot funner than it actually is or maybe I just don't have a lot of bounce;)

 Lazy river is more my style

 The rules are crazy, no shirts off the diving board because it could come up and suffocate you?? Jude looks like he has one arm in this picture, I think we are going to go through a lot of sunblock with this kid, I don't usually have trouble finding him.

We have to get Kingston swimming this year and we haven't enrolled in swim lessons, Im hoping Xander can teach him.
 thankful for older siblings
We got Kenzie working the Cico slide this summer so that is a bonus, she isn't a grommet nazi

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Little Apple Invitational 2015

So fun to have swim meets outside, we were a little concerned about weather but the stormy forecast didn't affect the meet, no lightning so we were good!
 Dj Trav got recruited for the weekend and used my running playlist for music, I might have to intervene next time

 I love to take swimming pictures, obviously;)

 just breathe

 The 200 IM is my favorite swim to watch, I had no idea what this is, I'm learning!
Fly for 50, backstroke for 50, breaststroke for 50 & 50 freestyle.

 pool game entertainment for the little fans
 trying to recruit some more Marlins here