Saturday, July 12, 2014

Weeknights at the Ballpark

The ball season started out rough with a lot of rainouts. I think my kids only played 2 of their first 9 games oh and yes we lost 3 gloves.
Jude played coach pitch this year and was on the Royals, he was very successful and confident hitting off the coach, lets hope this continues with machine pitch next year.
He was all over the field and wanted to "dive" for the ball, it didn't matter if it was coming to him or not.

How cute is that baseball booty?
Grandpa & Kingston, I am actually impressed that Kingston didn't dress himself like grandpa this day in a button up and jeans because that is his usual outfit of choice.
A snow hat and hawaiian beads makes a lot more sense in July though.
Trav helped coach 3 teams, that played 5 games a week not including practices. Thankfully 2 of them were Pirates so this helped with shirt changes.
Monroe LOVED pitching again this year. She has been successful in this position and I often thought the kids would be better off hitting off her who pitches a nice slow down the middle strike than their coaches who struggle.
I think it helps that the kids only get 2 strikes and their out, made her job a little easier.
The siblings played a lot of red light green light this year.

We have the best parents that come and cheer our kids on!
and give them some tips too (Grandpa showing Jude how to play first base)
Jude got to play with 2 of his good buddies from Marlatt, Thayer & Advith.

These girls are really getting their game on, they went undefeated in the season!
I think it helped that we have a great General Manager & coaches. Coach Bryce had very few strike outs with these girls, this is a stressful job!
Xander enjoyed playing several positions, unfortunately in his age group there are few that play that know the game or have played much, this makes it hard to watch.
He had a great coach too that is very positive and committed to the kids, we are ready to bring on the tournament next week with them!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Not so sparkly 4th

 I worked the 4th of July so the kids spent the day at the pool or two with friends.
They got a little lot sunburnt. I do love that I have a husband that likes to be a kid and do fun stuff with my kids while Im slaving away in the OB world;)
 Roe was in tears with red eyes and a sunburnt face, think she was a little tired too.
We spent the 4th with friends and it was super great but I didn't take any pictures:(
I realized I am no longer the parent or maybe my kids are too old to dress my kids in cute matchy 4th of July getup, what is happening to me?!!
Kingston did not love the loud fireworks, this was the best pic I got of King & Emerson sporting headphones, this made the night a lot more tolerable.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Buy me some peanuts & cracker jacks

 We made it to K State fan day @ Royals stadium & scored some purple kc hats
 and buy me some lemon ice, soft pretzels, and other tasty ballpark food!
 These 2 chatted the entire game talking about adventures over their week apart
 They have fun activities in the outfield including a way better mini golf course than we have (only 5 holes tho)
We got the win in the bottom of the 9th against the Angels, good family funday Sunday at the K!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Quite the characters

Xander was invited to join the Schmitt family for their weeklong vacation in Orlando, we were sad for him to leave, but I think this one missed him the most!
 We haven't been to Disney since 2009 so this trip was a little different. He didn't take the chicken exit at the rock and roller coaster to say the least.

 I remember him being so upset last time when he was 7yrs old because Trav didn't tell him Expedition Everest went backwards. I got a text that they rode this 8x as single riders.
 I think they played hard & slept little. The Hulk ride at Universal Studios was a highlight for both. Maybe more than the parks, Xander talked up the hotel they stayed at, this was not Disney property. They were more than impressed with the elevator, game room & pools.
 I love these two together they balance each other out so well, Jimmy and Tia might disagree after being with them for a week straight.

This is the extent of texts I got, some pics of the hotel, elevator, and yes thats about it and he says he missed me/us?

Monday, June 30, 2014

On being Courageous

So in gymnastics you have these lovely beasts called Mental Blocks, pretty much an irrational fear of doing a skill you are physically capable of doing.
So at Gym Plus we have this amazing coach who has the girls write journals each week. She also does the best messy buns according to Roe. This last week they had to study up on a Mental Blocks handout as well as do a journal entry.  Their "WOW" (word of the week) was Courage.
I don't read Roe's journal entries it is between her and Jeryka I am just excited that she is writing this summer, we didn't do much of this in 4th grade.
They also wrote out their fears and negative feelings on helium balloons and let them go.
Hmmm, I might need to do this.
It just so happens that Roe is attempting to get her beam series, I don't know why this would be scary;) she has several beam kisses that probably don't help her confidence. So she is struggling with the mental blocks in a big way, and of course I have to document it.

Celebrating getting over her fears and conquering a skill. 
Thank you Jeryka for showing Monroe what courage truly looks like & we are in this battle with you as you start chemo this week, win this round Coach!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


The big boys road tripped it to the College World Series last week in Omaha. I love watching baseball and wouldn't have minded joining but I Im fine with waiting for a girls trip;) So thankful for friends with have lots of boys who are friends with mine as well as some great hubbies too.
 The boys did some shopping and watched Texas Tech vs Ole Miss (I think)
 I don't think any balls would get by with this glove.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Meanwhile, back at mama's

 We spent Father's day afternoon at the farm, it is gorgeously green right now!
 We had to ge a photo in front of Say rock,  for our 15th anniversary
 Grandma & King helping Grandpa drive the new/old Gator
 This is Stubby, he has gotten so big!

 Xander & Monroe got some driving lessons from Grandpa, I really need help with cartin kids around.