Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fit 6

At Fit 6 (all 6th grade field day) we go to meet up with the future class of 2022 for field day, pretty awesome! Best part was I got to go along as the school nurse for Ogden:)

Long jumping Monroe with our own 6th grade teacher Mr. Farwell who we are losing to Rock Creek:(

I think Roe was way more excited about racing than the rest of her group.

cute future sevies at the K State baseball game, I don't think they watched a minute of the game truthfully

Mother's Day

first try on getting a pic and Kingston tooted on me:(

I think God has blessed me with some pretty amazing kids because he knows I need all the help I can get, thankful for his grace every day

by far the hardest, most guilt-ridden, favorite job ever, I love being a mom!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

8th Grade Dance

The 8th grade dance this year was a beach theme, it was great! I think several more boys went knowing they could dress more casual, still very dressy for my kid who wears dri-fit daily.

super NOT excited to take a picture with his mama who he is taller than now

Tysen, Blake and Xander, neighbors and besties who spend entirely too much time together but that is what friends are for right?

Xander said he had more fun than he thought he would so I was happy about that.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Marlatt Color Trot

Super fun and perfect day for the Marlatt Color Trot, loved this active colorful way to raise A LOT of money for our school that a few parents worked super hard for. The kids and teachers both seemed to have a blast!

the girls running with their teacher Miss Potter


the dance party on the black top was just as fun for the kids

Mrs.Downs and Miss Smith are looking a little purple

Mrs.Liebe pacing Roe:)

Teachers doing a little whip Na Na action

So thankful we did this awesome event while our 6th graders are still there for a few more short weeks...

Jude and friends

Im probably a little running biased but this was probably my favorite Marlatt event next to the now outlawed Halloween parade:)

Friday, May 6, 2016

Dance Mom

(no music but you can hear Trav giving some pitching tips to Jude in the background;)
Monroe loves to dance, I am so excited she decided to do Core Company this year, love that it is something she can do that she doesn't need to get first place, yay for this competitive child of mine. Tryouts consisted of learning this little jig and performing 20 minutes later, a little freak out session and some encouragement from the older seasoned girls and I think they did just fine.

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Kingston had the cutest Preschool graduation at UCC this week, the first of 3 graduations this year for my kiddos.

I actually was trying to have him give me a kiss in this picture and he would' do it, he saw the pic and told me to delete it because it looked like we are getting married (laughing emoji)

Kingston says he wants to be a dog, his friend Gavin, or a cow when he grows up, this kid has got goals:)

his second mom

with the best, Miss Deanell and Miss Missy

the cutest little group of Class of 2029!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Moving through the years...

WDS Recital 2016!! Yes we are moving through the years, our little girls are turning into young women and I couldn't be more proud, love them!

My boys first recital, I think they enjoyed it!

The only pics I got were of rehearsal and tech week:(