Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Take me out to the ball game...

 Jude has been very into March Madness and who is versing who, the K State vs KU baseball game was a perfect fit for his birthday party.
This makes me thankful to live in a college town where we can attend sporting events easily and the fans are tolerable of these crazy little dudes.
 Cute group

 It was a quick game and we ended up losing 2 to 1. These boys were into the game and probably the loudest fans, standing on their seats by the end of the game.
 Some leaders emerged in this group very quickly, calling a group huddle on a game plan to win.

 They needed to burn off some energy after the game, we should have walked home.
Finished the game and got to run the bases

 We switched sports at home and finished with knockout.

 Not quite as fancy party favors, but I did love the florescent softer baseballs.
 Jude is sad his party is over, I can't really say I feel the same.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monroe's Pedi Party

Thank you Jess for the awesome invite made in a moments notice:)
 The party went through with no major flops, how cute are these water balloon flip flops?
Love this age, girls can take instruction well and think everything is fun and cool. Love how these bright colored flops turned out. Their toes turned out amazing too, no thanks to me.

 Showing off a little picture cookie cake, thank you Mrs.Dillons, per Monroe's request, smart cookie.
 Trav joined in for the singing part, and yep that was about all we needed him for.
 had to do some feet soaking before we touched the toes
 I love this picture of Kingston getting in on the action, the toe separators didn't quite fit him.
 The girls couldn't wait to give Razberry, Monroe's beta fish, a new home. He had been in a little cup before he went to heaven in his new lavish home.
 Party favors were fun, Monroe and I pre-made sugar scrub and body butter.

Miss Smith in action. No surprise that this artist can do some pretty awesome flowers and has got skills when it comes to pedis. I love that all the girls chose different colors & designs, no two the same:)

 Roe is eating of course while her friends are busy getting pedied up and tying flip flops

 We had a polish exchange, spring is a great time for fun feet colors

Could not have done it without Kenzie, thank you for helping pretty up these feet, we love you!

 Party pics, these are some fun girls.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Slam Dunk or Dumped?

Xander loves to lower the goal and rim hang or dunk. Well, given the age of our rusted out goal that was cemented into the ground, this wasn't the best idea.

So thankful for no injuries, but lets just say my kids were sad they didn't have a goal over spring break. During a hangtime, the goal came down with Xander and yes this freaked him out.
Grandpa Say to the rescue, came over and jackhammered the cement out, hooked us up with a new pole, cemented it in and a few weeks later...
Voila! We have a freshly painted new to us goal and pole.
Think we need to initiate the no rim hanging rule here. Thank you Grandpa & Grandma Say for coming through for my kiddos family.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday Jude!

Happy Birthday to the cutest red head I know!
This kid has the biggest heart and puts everyone before himself, the best little and big brother anyone could ask for.
You have become my little social one, always asking about the next play date or sleepover.
I love watching you enjoy the little things in life.
still remember you as my baby, my thumb sucker, how did you grow up so fast?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Perfect 10

Happy 10th Birthday Monroe Belle, with not so perfect teeth, showing off her new braces on top. BTW, never heard of a child so excited to get them!!

 You continue to amaze me with your knowledge, choices, attitude & effort in all things.   I hope I will say this in the teenage years...
 Meet season is over, bring on the nail painting!

 Between the gym & the teeth, you may be my most expensive child but definitely the most self sufficient for now.
 Love your non-drama, silly, determined, confident humble little self. Pray that some of this will rub off on your little bros.
Thanks to my organized one for filling out our calendar this month & the verse, love it!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SURPRISE Swim Party!

The best part of being a procrastinator is that you can pull off a surprise party pretty easily. I had called A&H pumpkin patch a couple of weeks before his b day because that is where he had wanted to have it. Well, the friendly fire and zipline wouldn't be open until 
May. So I had suggested we have a 6th grade graduation party there in May in lieu of a birthday party. He was fine with that. 
Meanwhile, I called the natatorium to see about having a party there. Yes, they had never done parties but were open to it and we pretty much had the pool to ourselves for 3 hours and classroom available to us on his b-day. Woop woop! No games planned, just a bunch of active tweeners swimming for a few hours, it worked out great. 

We waited for him in the classroom, didn't get a chance to turn out the lights or hide, but he was pretty shocked. I don't think he could see who all was there because he was blinded by silly string.
the best group pic I could get


I don't know if they were following "the no dunking" rule, or any rules for that matter.
I love that Xander has a good relationship with girls & good taste in friends too:)
 Even close with his sister, there is room for growth with Jude for sure.

Im not sure whose feet these are, Brady?
I think Grant should be recruited to the high school diving team already, he was bringing back some memories of several hours of practice with Coach Days on these boards.

 Xander reenacted his surprise several times;)

 Jude forgot how to swim at first, after a few times jumping in he was right back on it and got pretty good at catching the ball off the boards.
 Of course there had to be races with swimmers involved.
No close ups of the box mixed cupcakes, must not have been terrible because they went for seconds.
Xander giving goodbye hugs, love Brady's smile, reminds me of Jenny in this pic:)

thank you to the clean up crew, Xander acted sad leaving.
Now Monroe and Jude are asking for surprise parties;)