Thursday, December 11, 2014

Oh Christmas Trees!

We tried to take a family picture by the fun christmas lights at Blue Earth plaza for a card this year and I am pretty sure it was the coldest day of the year. Angie snapped a pick in 30 sec, the whole event was pretty comical, Strudel was not wanting his picture taken obviously.
The kids played a little piano jingle in the mall, cute kids!
love seeing my boys in something other than athletic clothes, probably won't happen again until next year...
I am not a huge Christmas decorator because we don't have any place to store Christmas decorations, one reason we get a real tree every year. The kids LOVE decorating and are completely into the spirit of the season, the littles still requesting an elf on the shelf, pretty sure we might be the only family without one.
Kingston went to a pirate party and refuses to take off his pirate bandana, I feel like these jammies need a button down bottom:)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Judges Cup

Roe was less than impressed with her hair, beside Jeryka having to repin the bun, I thought it was pretty cute. She thought she looked like a boy...
Monroe & Jeryka
The girls did fabulous and got their first team award. They jumped from level 5 to level 7 so the skills are much harder this year. All 3 scores counted on every event so for them to place was awesome, they were a lil excited!!

Roe and Ericka both placed 1st on floor, lots of bling to show off, great first meet!
Roe placed in the top 6 of all gymnasts in all age groups of the meet and earned a spot on the level 7 team to represent Kansas in the National Judges Cup in Montgomery, Alabama next month. Jeryka had a little surprise cookie congrats, card, balloons, flowers at the gym on Monday.

strike a pose
love these girls, work hard, play hard, I think they are going to have a great season!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Funny guy

I am pretty sure Kingston practices piano more than my 2 kids that actually take lessons.
I was shaking laughing so hard while I was videotaping his Frozen/ABC/Days of the week song. 
 I have to document this 4 year old because he cracks me up often. Since preschool he has really gotten into letters and quizzes me regularly on different letters, because I need to work on them.
 His siblings are definitely competing with my big arm in his favorite things.
 He got a prime spot for the Christmas tree lighting.
 This was a rare occasion he asked me to take his picture, he never wants his picture taken and if he sees me taking one, I am ordered to DELETE it right away.

 This was a big deal, he started writing his name and drawing people in the same week, with his left hand, we will see if this continues.
Kingston giving Roe a shot, he told her if she closes her eyes it won't hurt.

A thankful heart

Psalm 100:4-5

Enter his gates with thanksgiving
    and his courts with praise;
    give thanks to him and praise his name.
For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;
    his faithfulness continues through all generations.

 Trav to the kiddos to  Lyndon to have Thanksgiving with his cousins and their kids I got some scary videos of them driving this razor and 1 pic! I think they had a lot of fun.
Kingston, especially looks happy;)
 My first Thanksgiving with no turkey, but I got to spend it with these L&D turkeys.
As much as I would love to stay home, I am truly blessed to have a job that I love even if  it means I have to wear ugly blue scrubs & work the holidays.
 Blessed to have these crazy kiddos & hub in my life
 Xander was sick with a headache & fever for 6 days, ugghh!
Thankful he is better, no time to be sick in middle school.
Jeryka of course, on my heart always. So thankful she is in our lives and shows us daily how to fight and live beautifully in the midst of an ugly cancer. So hard to believe it has been a year since the wedding.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Vengo Anch'io

Meet season is creeping right up on us and Roe is excited to compete optional level 7 this year because they get to make up their own routines. We listened to lots of music and I let Roe pick it, I was thinking I pay, I pick. She loves the music and is having fun with the routine Shay put together for her.  Not sure what it means but Vengo Anch'io is her music and a week into it, I think it looks pretty good so far.

 Jeryka, just finished gamma knife at MD for a few small spots in her brain and will go to NIH next week in hopes to start a trial. Continued prayers for her, please.
Love this group

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Stingrays Soccer

 We switched Jude to Flinthills soccer club this year and he had a great season.
Honestly, a big reason we changed is for this kid who is a fellow Marlatter and good friend of Jude's. Tanner is the ultimate soccer stud and so fun to watch, his dad volunteers all week on the field and coaches 3 Stingrays teams, it wasn't a hard decision.
We saw the good, bad and ugly side of Jude in the last game. He got so upset when he thought he should have made every goal he shot at that didn't go in.  He is so hard on himself, not really sure what we will do with that, but I can't deal with a crier on the field, I learned that about myself.
Stingrays team 2 were undefeated, but played a lot of younger teams so wasn't exactly a fair schedule.
Sophia and Jude, they are growing up, the girls made these boys hustle!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween!

A beautiful evening for Aggieville trick or treat, look at the grumpy spiderman!
my kids fav, the creepy bird lady in the dusty bookshelf
Jude was an avid Royals fan through the playoffs and World Series, I found myself watching his reactions sometimes more than the games with a cute Stella monster
Xander read  The Outsiders this year for language arts. He got best character at youth group as Dally. I wasn't sure the candy cigs were appropriate but like he said, Dally had a cigarette in every scene.
some of our kid bunch
check out the Olaf, Annie made of course!
Kingston and Beckham dressed up for preschool as the spidey duo
Aunt Angie came through with Skylander's Tree Rex for Halloween night.

these two were super cute trick or treating troopers,  even in the freezing cold!