Monday, December 31, 2012

Let me take you on an Ice capade

We'll have a good time!

Trav took the big 3 ice skating, have to turn your head sideways to watch:) the wipeouts

It was a hopping place, think a roller rink would go over well here.

Xander does pretty well until he has to stop

Saturday, December 29, 2012

On the good list...

Santa came through with mustaches for Jude!
headphones & ipod from Santa, we will have to put a limit on this
Enjoying some just dance 4 from Grampy & Grandma. First Christmas day ever I think my kids have spent with my parents, biggest "Hit" of Christmas this year:)
Daddy the Kids got a Karaoke machine

Friday, December 28, 2012

Cousins Gift Exchange

 We had this big Elf, bought him some long undies for an upcoming ski trip
 and for the little Miss in the middle, a gray peacoat
 did anyone else follow the Santa tracker, my kids loved this?
 justice gift card
 quite the animated children
had to get a picture of women in the kitchen, while Uncle Jimmy is hair twirlin

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Say Style Christmas

and the kids are spoiled again by gracious grandparents
Monroe had a gymnastics clinic with Addie, who got her backbend almost by herself but, had a little spill towards the end.
it's all about the hoodies for Xander

and toms for Monroe
pep talk before the opening of gifts
Grandpa & Grandma Say with their wild bunch of stocking stuffers

Nightmare Before Christmas

 This guy deserves his own post and would contribute to my exhaustion on Christmas. The King was anything buy nestled snug in his bed but instead was in our bed for the night, tossing crying out every 30 minutes starting at 12:30 am to 5 am, sleeping in about 7 minute intervals. The nurse in me diagnosed him with an ear infection (no fever??), night terrors, being hungry, gas pains, appendicitis (do toddlers have these), and finally at  4:30am, I got him up gave him crackers, a bath, motrin and he went to sleep for most of Christmas morning, Hallelujah!
(picture of us in bed Christmas morning 10am)
 It started here on Christmas Eve when we decided to wake him from Kenzie's arms to get him to enjoy some festivities with us since it was only 7pm.
 How could you be mad at this cute face? Sporting his new helmet
 to go along with his scooter he got from Grandpa & Grandma Say
And after sleeping a few short hours, I got to work Christmas night. At least I got to work with these Christmas cuties, Trav texted me early this  morning to say Kingston had a successful night of sleep, wish I could have said the same for me.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cattle Drive & Snowmen

 Frosty and Friends
cattle drive pictures by Xander :))

   say brothers

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Reindeer Games

 We had a reindeer relay where each person on the team had to stuff balloons in pantyhose and the last person became the reindeer. I thought the boys would be hesitant to be the reindeer, not so much, they wouldn't take them off their heads the rest of the party.
 We played the right left game with gift books from Mrs. Ribble, the story of Mr.Right, in the 5 minute game I definitely got a good glimpse of the personality traits in the classroom, lets just say I'm thankful Monroe has sweet Quin in her class.
 School sing a long was pretty entertaining this year, I love having a kindergartener, I must say.
 Im having the blurry iphone pictures to Kitra, dang it!! Polar express day for kindergarteners, sporting their jammies to school.

 Thought Mrs.Ribble would veto the marshmallow shooters, nope she closed the door and welcomed the chaos, 3rd grade party gone wild for sure. I see why the class often loses part of their recess.
 trying out the reindeer ears before the party...
 Jess made us some cute baggy toppers for Rudolph extra (spare) noses, aka cherry sours
 Just a few days ago it was suggested Sossi and Jude get split up, that didn't last long.
Pretty sure Blake went home with these on.

My favorite Marlatt girls

Friday, December 21, 2012

Favorite things….

Gift ideas under 20.00 if you are like me and still have shopping to do. Sad that we didn't get a favorite things party in, or a halloween party, guess thats what happens when you are 30 something with 4 kids, you get tired…
 We have been reading along in this devotional for our bible study, it would make a wonderful gift, although I did buy it for myself:)
 this is on sale at Target for 18.00, might make you pee your pants, especially if you are playing with Tia
Oldie but goodie, Riesling with the screw off top

If you have a few of your favorite, things, please share, Im not a good gift giver and would love to hear?

Snow is glistening

 Snow day for the kids = hitting the hills at 9am, no sleeping in for them.
 ice balls that looked like mini marshmallows he found in his boots
 this is the first year Jude has loved the ice cold weather, he may be ready for skiing after all, he wants to stay out in and shovel, I think he will be a hard worker, someday….