Monday, November 21, 2016

AMS Glow Run

Thankful that Monroe gets to be part of such a fun middle school, what a fantastic evening for the Glow Run! Also thankful my family likes to run:)

this guy made his first 2 mile race with a fan blowing costume pushing him the whole way:)

 future Tornadoes at the finish line

A Ghostbustin' Good Time

 Thankful for an artsy sister to create a slimer tablecloth

I am pretty sure Kingston's friends had no idea who the ghostbusters were but I guess this is what happens when you have older siblings, he is ghostbusters obsessed and perhaps has drawn in several other kindergarteners. It wasn't difficult to decide what kind of party we were having for the big 6 year old Slimer.

marshmallow shooting at slimer
dance party
bobbing for gummy worms in whip cream
slime making ectoplasm with Miss Smith
slimer cupcakes
posing with the best😘

marshmallow making stay puts

can you tell which two could be the class clowns?

love this age and these cute old navy t's👻👻

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Happy 6th Birthday King!

God game me you for entertainment, love you Kingston! You are my farm loving, creative, social dude who puts sports last but managed to earn the most improved player award in soccer.  Your big brown eyes and sweet smile melt my heart.
At 6, you love hamburgers and chocolate milk. You wear "skin guards" to soccer practice and you have to read the "constructions" for your lego sets.
I love hearing you recite your whole kindergarten day, I have learned that you must be a pretty good listener, at least that makes one of us:)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Football weekend with Says Nashville

Tailgating is as far as I get in football games as long as the weather is good.

Harley Day!! Angie and I sporting our boots, not sure what camera we were looking at?

We got some good family time with the Nashville Says during their fall break, sleepovers, volleyball and tailgating!

Our breakfast tradition of going to Early Edition, this year we had 2 water spills and everyone is still smiling surprisingly.

Fall Fun

We love costumes and found the perfect Burger King for Kingston who does love Burgers. He has changed his mind 6x on what he is going to be for Halloween, thankfully we have several on hand.


 Kingston's kindergarten class got to go to Little Munchkins this year, appears to be a wild group.
 Xander tried out choir this year for the first time, it is actually one of his favorite classes, I think he likes going over to the West Campus. The kids were so great, helped that it only lasted 1 hour. These pictures crack me up there is a shadow on his chin in each one and it makes him look like he has a goatee, no facial hair yet for this freshman, but he does look so grown up in a tie we had trouble tying.

School Fitness Challenge & Volleyball Wrap Up

Kingston's first School Fitness Challenge, proud finisher with his buddy Ben from class.

These two may be future AMS cross country team finishing 1st (Landon) and 2nd (Jude) in their 3rd through 5th age division. Jude finished in 6 minutes 50 seconds, think this is faster than my PR in middle school.

Meanwhile Monroe wrapped up her season in Topeka, best part was Kenzie got to come and watch! Or maybe she watched us crazy parents;) 
Excited for it to be sweatshirt weather!!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

After School Specials

My favorite part of the day is listening to Kingston's kindergarten stories, he let me know this is what he and Ben did at recess, the yoga pose above:) I have seen kindergarteners, I might need some relaxation time too! I am thankful to have mostly boys on picture day, they are easy peasy!

this was not picture day just had to get a photo op of the K State attire on game day

My art lover Kingston showing off his latest projects, along with my 2 oldest, I think Xander could pass his dad up soon!

Picture day for the girls, I miss these preschool nose piercing crazy little girls! Middle school, volleyball and dance make for a long day and not much girl time around our house.