Monday, January 27, 2014

Raising the Bar @ Kc Coed

The level 5 girls did so AWESOME, to say the least on Saturday. Solid routines with no falls on beam or bars & lots of medals to bring home, good job ladies. Thank you Jeryka for continuing to impress me with your coaching, investment in our girls & inspiration to all of us. Their success & character is a reflection of you!

Yay, I was happy Trav got see Roe have another great meet, & he was a much better videographer than me. 
 Vault 8.75 1st place, Bars 8.9 5th place, Beam 9.55 1st place, Floor 9.15 2nd place

1st place all around out of 13 in the 9 yr old age group, not too shabby.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Never a dull moment

this girl was flu struck last week, need my parents to come back and deep clean please?
So sad to see my motivated one that goes to bed late and gets up early, never come out of her room for 4 days!

Xander rebounded last week and came back as a spelling bee contestant, went down on the word wren:)

He is playing for the Grizzlies they won their first game by 10 points, but have a lot of room for improvement!
Xander makes me laugh so much, I do love that he is becoming quite independent. He decided to make Granny's chocolate cake recipe from scratch for a science fair project and change up the ingredients to see what happened. I did NOTHING except make sure we had all of the ingredients & helped clean up the mess after. He got so tickled wondering why vanilla was black, he must be thinking about vanilla ice cream.

Im waiting for my asthmatic to get sick, praying he doesn't. He told me his friend Aiden had 1 fever and 2 flus last week. Don't you love this comfortable reading position?
This kid is turning a little bipolar, good thing he is so stinking cute. One moment he loves me, loves my big arm and the next I am mean, he doesn't hide his emotions for sure.
I gave Trav The Bible series for Christmas, the kids love & look forward to watching the episodes on Sunday nights. 

Kingston & I had a date at Potbelly on the Plaza on Friday, definitely a week highlight!

Monday, January 13, 2014


Im trying to find the positive of celebrating my 37th, King has asked me several times when the party is going to start, Im asking myself the same thing. 3+7=10? Maybe this year will be a perfect 10;)
Working in l&d, patients come in who have a date of birth of 1995, the year I graduated high school, & yes they are old enough to be having babies, YIKES!!
 My parents worked for a restoration company for several years & my mom once had a cleaning business this is their forte. I did not inherit the good cleaning trait, but what is the point when I never get by the picking up stage.
 They insisted on lining all my drawers & cabinets.

The best gift EVER in my entire life, I know that is really big, is that my parents came last week and helped me deep clean my house. 2 and a half days later, we didn't get past the main floor. But, I loved every minute and we shared lots of laughs going through cabinets & drawers, throwing stuff out & organizing. 
Thanks mom & dad & when are you coming back? 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Winning Weekend

 We went to Wichita Friday night for the Folgers Invitational.
 the warm up at the hotel

 I am confident that Jeryka had something everything to do with Monroe's success

 My parents got to experience my almost puking state of nervousness, who is competing really? They are two of her biggest fans.
Gray-bird has always been a good luck charm, these 2 listened to I wanna be brave A LOT (thanks Jess, great song!)

 they insisted on getting a pic here

 Roe had a great meet, one of her best and Trav was sad to miss. Honestly, I saw doubt in her this week on bars and figured she would be scratching. He stayed home with the boys, Xander had been home sick from school but thankfully I got some really great
crappy footage of her meet. She ended up getting 1st place on Vault, Bars, Floor & all around & placing 2nd on Beam, she told me she was almost crying and shaking when she found out.

She scored a 9.5 and I saw her and the judges laughing as she walked off, I figured she tripped leaving the mat. I found out later she winked at the judges, seriously!!?? Even if it helped her score this time, I told her probably not a good idea in the future.

If you watch, TURN VOLUME OFF:) This video is awful, I yelled so loud when she went for her flyaway. I honestly didn't care how she scored but was so happy to see her excitement and confidence in something she knows how to do.  Coming from a 0.00 scratch last meet to a 9.25 1st place was just awesome.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

One little word for 2014

I am excited to be more with less, Bring it on 2014!

Now that I am feeling peaceful about 2013, (my word last year that I had to look up because I forgot it) Im ready to take on the challenge to live more simply.
I am envious of people who are minimalists and also desire for my kids to enjoy life and not want or expect things. I love to declutter, am not organized don't like to plan but am flexible. I don't like to make lists and love to live spontaneously.
I think this simplify journey will be good for me.
Luke 12:34
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Gift of Grandparents

my kids love their Grandparents!! We are truly blessed to have such great parents who spoil and love our children as much as we do.

Roe pulled a muscle in her neck snowboarding or somersaulting down the hill on Christmas, she recruited a massage from Grandpa.

loved spending Christmas morning with my parents

We got all sorts of flying things going on, these work much better at the Say farm!

how is this the only pic I have of Pam? Probably b/c she was busy running around serving everyone else, love her. 

Santa came to town

Just because it flows well with my post, Santa did come to our house!
our message today in church. 

It is a little freakish to think someone is watching you while your sleeping and you better  not pout or cry but in reflecting back about a lot of kid things growing up, the nursery rhymes are even worse! For us, no elf on the shelf here, although my kids have begged, but Santa does deliver.  

Santa delivered and King stole all of Jude's gifts, poor guy he was such a good sport about it. 
this one is a throw in, we actually gave this to Cole in our cousin exchange, fitting, he is one of our heros:)

Kingston swiped Jude's Skylanders swap force, fortunately they share it.

Xander more than enjoyed his accessories
Babysitters club books are hard to find!
the stocking weren't hung by the chimney with care because I think they would have fallen off. 

Dance off

We all had 15 min to compose a little Jingle Bell Rock jingle, this routine was the best, if that tells you how much talent we got around here.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Reindeer Games/ Minute to Win it

 Kenzie organized some minute to win it games on Christmas Eve, pretty sure I will never see these 2 this close again.
 Oreo challenge
The plunger game, this was another new one I had never played before.

Roe mastered the oreo challenge, you have to get the oreo from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands, and she has a small mouth, pretty impressive.