Thursday, January 3, 2013


Here's to my one little word for 2013, sounds pretty easy with 4 young children right?:) I am excited about it,  enough so that I mailed the wish out to several of our friends and family members in our Christmas card this year. I got the joy and love part down, but am definitely lacking in the peace department.  Peaceful isn't exactly what I would consider myself, but I'm hoping to grow this year with some guidance from the Prince of Peace.
Some tempting words that were a close second...  sleep, balance, simplify, play, organize, flexible, content, obedience. Maybe I can incorporate those into my one little word,  for sure more sleep will definitely bring me peace.

I have heard a few of your words, any more out there, would love to hear what your feeling for 2013?

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Jessie said...

That's a good one! Now go make some peace.