Monday, November 30, 2015


 We didn't have to travel far and were blessed by all kinds of family this Thanksgiving, although the weather wasn't fabulous, the company was!
 The hostess with the hostess, Pam!! She invited the Say boy families as well as the Massey boys to her house, fun for all!
 deep in thought except Travis looks like he is doing Mr. Roboto
 All of these kids are becoming taller than their parents, yikes!
 Charlie was super excited about this picture!
 The ice hasn't stopped my boys from playing football everyday, the laundry has become very annoying:(
 My parents even made the trek with Granny, we had a date to Old Chicago & Grandma Susie beat us at yahtzee, no surprise there.
 YAY, for Nashville Says, my kids love and miss their cousins and love spending time with them.
And then we had to lose power for a day, this got old quick and I got cold quick!
A lot to be thankful for even with no electricity, Xander was telling ghost stories about a mom that grew weary and sick so I stopped listening, Strudel didn't seem to care either:)

Friday, November 27, 2015

Marlins take on Mizzou

Xander went to Mizzou for one of the Marlin's biggest swim meets, he had a great meet taking off several seconds in his breast stroke and getting his best times on other swims, maybe he does better when I'm not there:(?  Ugh, this was hard for me, I already am not big on letting my kids go away for any amount of time. Of course the meet happened to be the same week of crazy conflict and threats on the Mizzou campus, it didn't seem to effect the swimmers, but I was happy to have him back.
He was pretty pumped up when he got home and motivated asking me "How do I get a big chest?" The fast swimmers in his age group 13-14 he reports have big chests, don't think I can help him with that one...(Photo crews to Dritz fan & Xander:)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Polar Express

Kingston loved the "Polar Express" at Houston Street, I think more so he just loved having an outing with friends. It is fun to be able to go places without having to worry about tantrums, diapers, naps when your "baby" is 5!
 storytime with Santa, a little hard to hear
 These dancing girls with hot chocolate were the most entertaining, they really got into it!

The conductor was awesome as well, he had "All Aboard" down as well as his own dance moves.

 I felt bad the kids thought they were getting on a train, no just a box with cut out windows:)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thanksgiving Feast & American's We Program

This was a week of programs for my littles including the popular Thanksgiving Feast at UCC Preschool. I had to miss the feast since I work Thursdays, Grandma Pam stepped in as his date and I think he couldn't be happier. Had my hub record and recorded my own version of Albuquerque Turkey Kingston style.

 We also checked kindergarten shots off the list and Kingston screamed louder than any of my other children, or maybe I have blocked it out. He limped out of the office and said he wanted to go home and go to bed, poor guy. At 5 years old 37 pounds, 25% and 43 inches, 75%. His favorite food is corn on the cob and burritos, think he could use a few more of those he is also skinnier than any of my other babes I remember.
Jude had his 3rd grade "American's We" program at school. He did not give a hint of a smile the entire time and told us after our teacher told us to "Look at her the whole time", yep that's what he did, never took his eyes off of her. 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

I want candy

I love Halloween!! I don't love the candy part... Xander found an old costume of Trav's and went as Waldo for UCC youth group and won best costume, not sure there was a lot of dressing up that went on...

 Kingston and his buddy Gavin at the preschool party.
 Maybe this is the sanitary bobbing for apples?
Jake and I walked the kids, 20 of them, to the Haunted Walk at MATC, it was plenty scary and this bloody bride along with several other clowns and crazies invaded your personal bubble along the walk, the kids went twice and I went once holding onto Wesley. It was worth the can of soup entrance fee to say the least.
 6th grade girls are growing up!
 5th through 8th grade crowd Zekas graciously hosted for hot chocolate and treats after getting spooked.

 Part of the state streets tricker treaters, love Wesley as Marilyn Monroe.
 seriously superhero girls and villains

 Miss Smith did some awesome make up for the girls

A meltdown and an attempt to get the awesome red makeup off, vaseline, hydrogen peroxide and make up remover was a failed combo attempt
 My only themed kids, Tin man and Scarecrow, Kingston has been Wizard of Oz obsessed so was thankful Shannon had 2 costumes on hand to fit.
 the fun kid party crowd
the bigs who also trick or treated
 The kids had fun with spirit week, decade day at Marlatat #peaceout

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bios, Choral Festival & Monster Splash

 Of all the people Jude could have chose to research for his 3rd grade bio he picked George Washington, we were not buying anymore costumes so we had to handmade out of paper, paint and duct tape (box wasn't big enough for 13 stripes)
 He is having a great year in 3rd grade and even sits next to one of his best friends Tanner, the two are rule followers so I guess that works ok. I hated and still hate talking in front of a group of people, he along with all of their class did a great job! Wish I had a pic from their class.
 6th grade had their all school choral festival, so fun to see this group come together, future class of 2022!! Travis attended the choral festival 30 years ago with Chad Pape who is now the MHS Choir Director. Sad thing is I don't even remember the choral festival in 6th grade:(
 Xander improved lots of his times during the Monster Splash, getting excited for the upcoming Columbia meet.
 my attempt to take a picture and I got his butt in the air
 feedback and tips from Coach Justin
his least favorite and one my favorites to watch, the fly