Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ruling the School in 8th & 6th & pre-K

 then there is my middle man Jude, who is in 3rd this year with Mrs.Ribble, he is pretty easygoing about who his teacher is and who is in his class, and we were happy with a teacher repeat;)
Monroe was thrilled to have a favorite Miss Bueker, now Mrs. Sibbit, Xander has passed her up since his 6th grade year here:)
 didn't get a first day pic for this guy, but got one for school picture day, probably the only day he will wear a collared shirt

 first day attire, my little miss likes to get dressy on occasion

 back to school bash with these kindergarteners was a blast, Kingston should be well prepared when he goes next year.
 He will be ruling the preschool this year as a 4 1/2 year old and was so excited to pick out his burger backpack.

 Blessed to have my sister teach Xander this year, knowing how much time and effort she puts into teaching and the kids (unlike me:(((( I am more than excited that Xander is in her class.
She gets way too excited about this math stuff!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Worlds of Fun

 Gosh I have a love/hate relationship with this place, since I have had children I can't get on roller coasters without feeling like I have a neck injury or puking.
 Xander got money to go to WOF for his b-day in March it only took 6 months to get there, but I think they thought it was worth the wait, they are thrill-seekers!
 the soon to be 3rd graders
 Oh and now you can go to 2 parks in one, if you want entertainment here watch the lifeguards, I wish we would have gone over earlier to watch them.

 What, too short to go on Fury of the Nile?
 Kingston had a blast too, we hadn't been since he was born, I know now while we wait 4  years to go, this place is so stinky!!
BTW, time to go is when schools in session in KC, no lines this way!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Family Beach Photos

Pretty in peach, actually Angie picked a coral/navy color scheme this year
our photos were full of fake smiles
 and grumpy ones too

 and the gorgeous Jager fam
 your welcome I love this picture I took, kind of like professional

as good as we got of Cole, he didn't want to do family photos

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sea Creatures

 I hadn't seen sand dollars alive before, they were furry and oozed out orange stuff that stained, there was a certain area of the ocean you could find a bunch of them, we bleached them out to make necklaces, a Roe project.  There were a ton of little fish close to the shore you could see that would come in huge schools, they were fast little boogers.
I think we all tried to catch them at some point, you can't see it well, but I caught a jelly fish on accident and Kingston had to keep it in his bucket as a pet for the day at the beach:(
 One night we decide to go crabbing on the beach
 Floatin is what I want to do:)
 The stingrays freaked me out a little bit, but from what we read I don't think they intentionally seek out people
 Xander pointing to a different stingray we saw at one point.

 My favorite sea spotting was the dolphins, we saw them almost every day, this was the closest they got, which seemed so crazy close!!
 There were at least 4 in this particular group
To be hanging out in the ocean and these swim by is so awesome to me, love!

King of the Sandcastles

 love this sandy haired dude, even with his crazy faces
 he found a friend on the beach, small world
 and digging for shells

 and snorkeling

Girl Power

 So thankful for Kenzie, she is the closest thing Roe will (most likely) ever have to a sister and she is leaving for KU in a week:((
 They are 7 years apart which is the same age difference betw Angie and I.
all sassed up

 they both are non-drama and share so many of the same attitudes and mannerisms
She was so nice to include Roe on several of their outings, bikings, breakfast and more

It only took a few tries:) Sister power in handstands!