Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy 26th JERYKA!!

It is one big birthday party week for several friends and family members, (Aimee your gift is on its way ;)
I had to celebrate Jeryka who is new gym owner & growing back some cute dark hair, thank you for your dedication, amazing spirit and attitude the last 4 years, and making it easy for me to let Monroe spend most of her evenings in the gym. We love you!!!

Refinishing Hardwoods = LOVE

 after 10+ years living in our house, we finally decided to proceed with the refinishing of our hardwood floors, the original floors from when the house was built in the late 1960's. I got a couple of before phone pics when we took our furniture and rugs out, yikes!
 we had light yellowy wood with lots of gray/black worn areas, scratches, but truthfully the wood floors are one of my favorite parts of our house, so easy to maintain with kids, dog, spills and such.
 Thank you Jake for helping hubs with moving furniture and painting our deathly scary high & steep hallway ceiling.

 so the nice gentleman (shown in closet) came in in a half a day and sanded our whole main floor, with a dustless system, the best!
 I wanted something dark, not too dark that would show dust, and I didn't want red either, also didn't want a shiny finish…TADA, I am in love with how they turned out.

 Of course, I decided we needed a new paint color in the formal/living dining area as well. (Probably should have been done before the floors, but that would involve planning)
Love the floors, love the color (CASTLE PATH) and now we just need some trim and our furniture back, not sure when that is going to happen. For now, I will just soak in what feels like brand new hardwood floors. Most likely, the closest thing we will get to owning a new house:)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Settling for Second all around-Kc Coed

 Roe had her best score on floor and bars Saturday scoring  a 9.4 on bars and 9.55 on floor, each earning her 1st place on those events. She jumped off fell on her leap on beam and had probably her worst beam routine. This was a great lesson for her, she had to compose herself and come back strong on her last 2 events, if you know her stubborn perfectionist attitude, this was a challenge for her.
( I thought the trophy gymnast looked a little scary?!)
 She actually missed 1st place all around by  0.025, don't you love the face? She had 14 in her age group and it was the longest most miserable awards ceremony with so many kids competing and some computer glitches.
 one action shot and no video this meet
 loved having Grampy & Grandma Susie there to watch
She was very proud having my parents there and entertained us with crazy faces and gestures on the podium.

Sleepover in Kingston, Mo

We headed to Kingston, Missouri after Roe's gymnastics meet in KC Saturday. This little lodge  is the temporary location of my parents until they move into my dad's childhood home this summer. I think they are loving the simple life for now, a little different then Chicago.

 got some good card playing in with Granny, along with cinnamon rolls & banana bread, YUM!

 King found Grandma's reading glasses
 We had to take some pics of course of a little Kingston history
 collecting some eggs from the chicken coop

Think we were at capacity, but we are use to cozy, the blow up mattresses could have entertained the kids all day.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Bring it..

Loving my Wednesday bible study with some of my favorite ladies I've loved a long time, some I've known a short time, and some I don't know at all. If you are looking for a study, I think this is going to be a good one, (after week one), I will keep you posted. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Face Time

We have a little obsession with face time around here, I didn't even know her ipod had face time until Grandma Susie called it at 6am one morning. Since then I get face time calls at work by this little Miss and Kingston usually, I have to say it is nice seeing their silly faces when I am gone for 12+ hour shifts at a time. 
surprise visit from Paige last fall:)
I get texts nightly, "come tuck me in", I love you!!, "Can my friend spend the night". She pretty much thinks she has her own phone and has been able to stay in contact with Miss Paige in Texas now. Or I may get a picture message at 3am including the painted face above during a sleepover. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

a SURPRISING good time!!

 On my way to my work party sat night and I got hijacked to the country club for a little dueling piano surprise party.

I am pretty sure these 2 had a lot to do with it, Shannon my planner always thinking of others first, and my husband who thought I should have a "surprise your 36 party"! His comment was, well if you were turning 40 you would expect it, he is so silly. But I was so thankful to have such a fun evening with friends, hubbies & dueling pianos.

Thank you to the upcoming birthday girl Kelsie!! This cute couple hooked us  up at the country club, since we so sadly gave up our membership :(((((((

all my photos are taken from phones, had I known it was going to be a big party, I wouldn't have made an appetizer for the christmas party & I would have brought my camera!!

How could you not have fun with these party people? We were surrounded by an older crowd of tables that were cutting loose, it was so fun to be a part of!
men in back:)
Thank you to Taylor who had to lie and fake she was running to late to babysit our kids so we would ride with the Henry's. 
It was such a great time, now I want to plan a surprise party but that would actually mean I would have to plan something and Roe says she would like a surprise party, ok sure:)
Shannon, Trav go for it!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Pit Happens...

 A little gym/pit remodel= thousands of pit blocks needing to be vacuumed individually, Jude was very meticulous with his blocks.
 black pants was not a good idea, a hairnet, goggles, gloves and a mask probably would be more sanitary
 couple of gym moms putting in some serious hours of pit block vacuuming
seems overwhelming, but 
will be worth it when its finished. SUPER ecstatic about good changes and Jeryka as new gym owner, WOOHOO!! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mama's Boy

I tell everyone who is having a boy, boys love their moms. Not that girls don't it is just a different relationship that I didn't get growing up with only sisters.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blissful birthday weekend

Roe had another awesome meet Friday night, getting all 1sts and one 2nd place on bars,  preparing for some tougher competition in Omaha in Chicago. 

 Kingston had to have a turn on the 1st place podium as well. I forgot how long 4 hours was sitting with a 2 year old, so thankful for my in-laws who have kept him many of meets.

Crocks had us over for games, here she is posing with her furry friend Hurley
 Jude and Meg in church. Jude lost a 2nd tooth, only swallowed it, instead of pulling it this time. Poop fairy is on the look out.Went to church and then lunch with friends after. It is bad when you go to pizza hut and take up 3 tables with just 2 families.
Got to get a run in with my sister, could have been about 30 degrees warmer.
Finished Sunday night off with a new recipe from Shannon, try it, you will like it!
A little Paula Deen Lasagna Soup  (I used real italian sausage and not turkey, I wasn't feeling the light part)

Hopefully my next 36 years will include lots of family, friends, food & wine as well:)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Can you text Santa?

 picture of this pearly white erupting at a few months of age:)
 hanging on by a thread...
Jude pulled his first tooth, and asked if I could text Santa he lost his tooth:)?