Sunday, September 29, 2013

School Fitness Challenge 2013

 The weather was overcast and cool for the school fitness challenge this year, a perfect running day for all of these kiddos. I love being the one watching and not running, maybe thats why I love this race so much. Jude & Thayer pre-race, getting ready for the 1/2 mile.

Jude finished awesome this year 3:55, taking a minute off his 1/2 mile from last year.

 Proud papa
Claire & Roe rocked the 1 mile, I love this picture of Claire giving 504 an elbow.

Lets say Roe didn't exactly have a strong finish, thought she may collapse and was in tears but a popcorn ball cheered her right up. Claire and Roe finished 3rd & 4th among the girls, in under 8 minutes. 

Xander and Brady warming up for the 2 mile, I think Xander was hoping for a rain out. 
The last 1/2 mile the girls jumped in and finished it out with him, I think this helped:). He finished the race in 17:40, think it would have been closer to 20 without the girls chasing him. 

looking thrilled to be done.
Kingston had his own race pulling Emerson around.

socializing dads group

Saturday, September 28, 2013


 Who says they don't take pictures of their 4th child? I can't help myself with this one, he cracks me up. I love Halloween! He makes a great subject for trying on, love it!

 I feel like he has been our hardest, busiest, yet most entertaining child.
We pretty much walk the kids and pick them up most days to school, scooter or wagon style waffle in hand and jammies on. 

 make a wish! He loves to throw pennies in the fountain, cheap entertainment.

He will play outside for long periods of time on his own, I found him trying to use our push mower, I think he is going to have good work ethic;)

Taking after his sister and almost mastered a handstand.

This was at move and grove storytime this week, he also loves to dance, the librarian behind him is our favorite.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Just Dance

So excited to start our next bible study! 
a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance
Ecclesiastes 3:1,4

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Crazy hair day & Crazy weekend

even the boys love crazy hair day at Marlatt

Roe wanted her hair tied in a bow this year, hopefully she didn't leave the blue on her nose.

selfies from art class

our Texas road trip started at 6am Friday with these 2 joining us on the car journey, after their flight was canceled.

Friday night we ran into some fellow K State fans at the Iron Cactus, would definitely recommend the guac & margaritas, but only one maybe...

The piano talent at Pete's Dueling Piano bar was amazing, no comparison to when we had been to Vegas( of course that was 4 years ago)  

my husband friended this guy, Shane, who needed lots of water & coffee. 

We had a K state tailgate, thank you Mitch & Nick!

Travis & David Denning, he graciously bought our other 2 tickets since our friends couldn't make it last minute, we hadn't seen him since their 10yr reunion.
The most impressive part of the game was the Longhorn cheerleaders standing back tucks, yep that was about it. 
 the boys enjoyed board games, picnics & chores on the farm.
Roe enjoyed some girl time at Shamburgs, boating, hair straightening, Jimmy Johns, sleepovers & added a new fish Razz Berry, to the family.

Unfortunately we didn't make the best time on the way home after locking our keys in the car. Our 11 hour trip turned into a 12.5 hour trip and a little more expensive. Don't you like how there is someone behind us waiting to fill up:)?

Thankfully, Laura came to the rescue, guess she makes calls to random cities in Texas. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fun Phone Photos

 dressed for a flood, cooler weather means we need to get some longer jeans for King
 buckle up, butter cup! Love our neighbor play dates
your mom likes you to eat at Jimmy Johns!
(my cute lunch date this week)

playing hookie for Gray's b-day (for lunch at least:)

 Jude's 1st football scrimmage, and we get the red shirts AGAIN!
Mr.Hendricks class had to draw a picture of him and say what they think he would say about them at the end of the year, not sure how accurate this is going to be...

early release on hump day

Celebrating Grandparents day with breakfast at Creche, love.

riding the train at Marlatt back to school party, class buddies, Jude & Thayer

I love looking through my kids papers:) Eric Carle, really Jude?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Strike a pose

 I have loved watching the girls learn their new routines! The floor routine has lots of poses in it, & they are bringing back the body wave and fall to the floor, I will have to get some footage of that.

 They have changed all the levels this year and what used to be level 6 is now, level 5, which is what the girls are competing this year.

This is not a pose in the routine :), Jeryka is brave to have this girl sitting on her.