Saturday, October 24, 2015

Munchkin Party

We have skipped Little Munchkins the last couple years and Kingston decided he wanted to have his birthday party here, it turned out great, we had the place to ourselves.
the whole party gang

As close as we will get to having a cat...
With one of his besties, Beckham:)

 zipline, Kingston's speed
 they upgraded the train since last time we had been

 Smores b-day treat

Kingston is 5!

How is my "baby" 5?!  This child has been talking about his birthday and party for weeks, it worked out that the youngers were out of school on his birthday making it extra special for him.
 I had to put him in jeans and boots for a 5 year old photo op. He still loves all things farm, tractor and jeans and boots, so I have to take advantage now.
 He has the best faces, have to capture these, while they are still cute!
 excited face
 I think I'm cute squinty face

No doubt the youngest one is spoiled, I would have to argue more by his siblings than by his parents, he has the most nicknames, I wonder if any will stick. He is my sweet, social, cautious, creative kid who we adore. 
 At 5 years old, he continues to be a lefty, loves playdates, siblings, art, dressing up, the farm and riding his bike.
His drawing, love his backward S and Shrek ears. You can tell they must talk a lot about patterns at preschool:)
I bought him a store bought monster cake the day of his b-day, even had the Dillon's lady write his name on it and it fell out of the back suburban. Thankfully, Grandma had come through with his own little cake that he liked just as well:) Happy birthday King, hope all your wishes come true!!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

1989 Tour

Thankful for my generous friends that have a lot of girls to let mine join them for her first ever concert in Omaha, NE a couple weekends ago.
Taylor Swift will be hard to beat from what I hear her 1989 is amazing! Monroe's response was "Mom she was a very motivational speaker and she could change really fast" :)
cute matching T's and guitar pic necklaces 

The whole gang, I am sure there were memories made on this road trip. The crazy thing is that their were only 6 boys were left behind from these families and half were mine!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Soccer Stars

These boys had a great tournament a couple weekends ago and played some of their best games in the Flint Hills Soccer Challenge.
Tourney Champs:)

 Jude plays mostly defender but I love when he moves to offense, he scored 1 of the 2 goals in the championship game.
 cute kids awaiting their medals

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Body First School Fitness Challenge

 I think this is our 9th year competing in this event, how can I not post? My middle kids are becoming such great runners, maybe they will be involved in a running group at 5:15 am like their mom in 30yrs ha ha! Goals...

All Marlatters, Jude finished I think 15th out of 170 3rd through 5th graders, love his effort!!
Here are the 2 mile runners, 4 Marlatt and one Bergman big race winner by a minute, go Grant!
after with red faces, they do this race last and it was a hot one!
Roe told me this kid in front of her was cheating and cutting corners, she isn't competitive or anything;)
Love this pic:) These 3 finished in the top 5 of the 2 mile race, great job Mustangs!