Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Party Week

The week before break always consists of parties going on, including Angie's b-day!
My parents came up for dinner and varsity donuts pictured above:)
Kenzie came home from KU, and joined for Mcguyver days at AMS.
Kingston and I "helped" too, we packed 250 snack cups of popcorn and pretzels and then Kingston just pretended to be one of the middle schoolers.

 He has got the hand raising down and is already open to volunteering info:)

Monroe and friends got to lead the school during the Nutcracker for the all school sing a long, I love that they don't think these type of things are dumb yet...

Rylan & Jude for jammie day

3 on 3

We need to do this in Manhattan!!! Jude and  a few of his basketball buddies played in the 3 on 3 tourney in Riley, they had  a great time and got good experience. They won 3 games and lost one in the last second with a buzzer beater that Jude had to retell me about at least 20x, he is not competitive at all;) They have so much to learn, but have I mentioned that 3rd grade is my very favorite age?!!! I might say that every year, but he is the sweetest right now.

Monroe didn't want her picture taken and didn't play in the tourney but entered the free throw contest and won making 5 out of 6.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Barkin around the Christmas Tree

this dog is so spoiled, not sure what we would do without him!

he also doubles as a real life pillow pet

Kingston even gives him screen time!

Monday, December 14, 2015

WDS Holiday Dance Clinic 2015

Monroe might have some teaching in her future she taught Xander the first 2 minutes of the dance in about 20 minutes, she was impressed;) They were cracking me up!

Add this song to your Christmas song list, I love Toby Mac and this sweet Christmas song:)
The senior company choreographs the dance and teaches it to the girls in 2 hours and then they perform it at AMS, cute dance and song again this year:)

Missed several, but some photos with family and friends that made for a warm & fuzzy performance:)

Spending the weekends in our activewear

My family and kids think this video is hilarious, probably because it is so true!

 The Jets finished their
Clay Center basketball league up last weekend, they have come along way from the first week.

 Monroe is enjoying basketball her team is really good when they
are playing in Clay Center:), she has never been in a sport where you get knocked down and beat up but she is hanging tough.

fun girls

The girls love to run and got to run the Winter Sunderland for girls on the run last week they opted out of donuts I think probably a good idea.

Trying to get a picture without his tongue out is nearly impossible.

The boys got to go to the last K State game, Trav told Kingston we would get to go "bowling" if we won, he is still waiting to go;)

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tis the season of craziness!

What a crazy December! Some highlights the Spirit of the Holiday Mayor's Lighted Parade. Miss Smith walked King both in their onesie pajamas as part of the leadership group's Polar Express theme:) I can honestly say we have never watched or participated in this ever and we will again, the floats were great!

Part of the Polar Express crew

We had a crazy ice storm and school was canceled, we were all excited and had game night and a sleepover, why not?

One of the many activities we filled our day while without electricity, Xander told ghost stories by the fire while Strudel had to be right in the middle of the pack as usual.

the gamers

In the midst of no electricity and ice we decided it would be a good time to get our tree.
It took about 3 minutes total

We thought it looked like it had a lean to it and within 24 hours it toppled over:(

Xander LOVES youth group, he went to the winter retreat in Wichita with this crew, a good group of kids.

Kingston looking for the pickle ornament

One of the few Christmas decorations we have up, our tree, that is a titch pitiful.

My favorite ornament, Jerkya, miss this girl everyday like crazy! Trying to stay positive through the season and remember the hope that we have through Jesus, we are not meant for this world, but have something much better in store for us that Jeryka is already soaking up!

The Bethlehem Revisited crew, again something we have never done, but I would totally recommend!

Monday, November 30, 2015


 We didn't have to travel far and were blessed by all kinds of family this Thanksgiving, although the weather wasn't fabulous, the company was!
 The hostess with the hostess, Pam!! She invited the Say boy families as well as the Massey boys to her house, fun for all!
 deep in thought except Travis looks like he is doing Mr. Roboto
 All of these kids are becoming taller than their parents, yikes!
 Charlie was super excited about this picture!
 The ice hasn't stopped my boys from playing football everyday, the laundry has become very annoying:(
 My parents even made the trek with Granny, we had a date to Old Chicago & Grandma Susie beat us at yahtzee, no surprise there.
 YAY, for Nashville Says, my kids love and miss their cousins and love spending time with them.
And then we had to lose power for a day, this got old quick and I got cold quick!
A lot to be thankful for even with no electricity, Xander was telling ghost stories about a mom that grew weary and sick so I stopped listening, Strudel didn't seem to care either:)

Friday, November 27, 2015

Marlins take on Mizzou

Xander went to Mizzou for one of the Marlin's biggest swim meets, he had a great meet taking off several seconds in his breast stroke and getting his best times on other swims, maybe he does better when I'm not there:(?  Ugh, this was hard for me, I already am not big on letting my kids go away for any amount of time. Of course the meet happened to be the same week of crazy conflict and threats on the Mizzou campus, it didn't seem to effect the swimmers, but I was happy to have him back.
He was pretty pumped up when he got home and motivated asking me "How do I get a big chest?" The fast swimmers in his age group 13-14 he reports have big chests, don't think I can help him with that one...(Photo crews to Dritz fan & Xander:)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Polar Express

Kingston loved the "Polar Express" at Houston Street, I think more so he just loved having an outing with friends. It is fun to be able to go places without having to worry about tantrums, diapers, naps when your "baby" is 5!
 storytime with Santa, a little hard to hear
 These dancing girls with hot chocolate were the most entertaining, they really got into it!

The conductor was awesome as well, he had "All Aboard" down as well as his own dance moves.

 I felt bad the kids thought they were getting on a train, no just a box with cut out windows:)