Friday, March 29, 2013

Pitch Perfect

We love cousin time, even if it involves a little cup dancing.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Happy Birthday Monroe Belle! Not sure how you are already 9, I couldn't ask for a more awesome girl among all my boys. I love your silly, confident, independent, driven little self, who still wants me to tuck you in at night and likes me to join you for lunch at school:)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Gym Plus Sleepover

 The team girls got invited by Jeryka to a sleepover at the gym Friday night.
 Roe & Jordan, the bacon lover.
 a favorite game of mat tag
 Roe isn't the little one any more, think she enjoyed being a big sister this season;) Although she loves to hang out with the older girls, no surprise there.
Our level 5's in the am with Jeryka. Pick up time, 8:30am, don't think much sleeping went on.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lets get these parties started!

Trav took 10 boys to see the opening of the Croods on Friday to celebrate Xander's 11th 
& Jude's upcoming 6th.

 Jude was thrilled to join the big boys
 fancy favors
 Jude had so many friends, including girls, he wanted to invite. Unfortunately for seating purposes we had to scale it down, maybe next year!
we had our own little orange leaf arrangement
 March madness is rubbing off, all my kids have done is play basketball this week!
 The littles were directed by Roe in a game of Spot it, super fun, I love that they finally have attention spans at this age! (Thanks Ponds for the fun games)
Boys are just easy, feed them, send them outside with a ball= bliss

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Xander is 11!

Happy 11th Birthday to our
 easy going kid,
 with the best sense of humor.
Our first born, so easy to love.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"If you don't leap, you'll never know what it's like to fly"

 Love the state shirts!
 Monroe had some of her best and worst scores this meet. Vault was her highest yet with a 9.275 earning her 2nd place
Bars was not so good, think it was her worst score all season, followed by some tears and disappointment. Jeryka, the most patient and encouraging coach for my strong-willed perfectionist child,  must have given her some good advice because she came back on beam and had a beautiful routine getting a 9.575 earning 1st place, out of 18 in her age group. She was very excited to be the last one to compete on floor, getting a 9.55.

 pre-meet prayers? No yawns this meet!

love the cute waves in the back of Jeryka's hair, 

 which one of these people don't belong? thought this looked like it fit in an akward family photo:)
Can't get enough of Jasmine's big smile, she can make the best faces

cute flip flop gifts, thank you Tera & Kim!
showing off some medals with the best coaches ever

 after party with friends at our house to celebrate, Grayson & Wesley made a cookie cake with a beam on it, it was gone within a couple hours, her friends are so gracious, hope they rub off on her.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Paddy's Race & Parade

 a bit frosty out, Roe had strep a couple days before so she didn't come out of the blanket.
We enjoyed our time with a high school friend of Tia's and her family who raced with us, fun to see old friends.
 Grampy shaved 2 minutes off of his 10k time from last year, expect another 2 minutes off when he is in the 65 yr old age group next year??
 My kids love parades, Jude was so excited to ride and pass throw candy at people,
shout out for Mitch Beims for school board please:) Looks like Trav's eyes are closed driving?
 Ready to race
Xander beat his time by almost a minute last year, with 1 training day involved, he finished the 2 mile in under 18min, Cole did awesome and ran in 16 maybe?
Xander ran with Kendal P, he said she kept her going, he should stick with her pretty sure her moms run Boston.
 my leprechauns
 this sweet mouth is my favorite, he is such the parader!

 Uncle Jimmy's super sized pancakes pre race
loving this marquee, lots of peeps out to support Jeryka!

Ready for break?

a week home with these dudes sounds pretty relaxing, right? I am looking forward to no planner signing for a whole week:) only wishing the nice weather from Friday would have struck around.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Welcome back JERYKA!

 After being gone for over 2 weeks, we have Jeryka back from Texas. We had to send her some love from the gym (pictured above) before her surgery.

There were some tears shed, this would be Roe's first practice without Jeryka, not lookin too good.

 A successful surgery to remove one lesion on her brain on Thursday evening and she is back in Manhattan tonight, of course we had to stop and see her with the girls the first few minutes she walked in her door, poor Kyle. She looks amazing as you can see and Roe's frown turned upside down for sure. We are praying for healing and more successful treatments as her physicians decide on her plan from here.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pink Ribbon

Best part of the pink ribbon was Roe and the girls did great, (there was only 10 in her age group this time), the worst part was we missed Jeryka. For the team pic, we left a spot for her next to Amelia:) Mandy stepped it up and kept the girls smiling for Jeryka, I got to spend some quality time with baby Eliot. 

The distance has not stopped Jeryka from coaching, Roe sent her her vault video and Jeryka shared what she needs to work on this week to improve it, have I mentioned she is amazing?!!!

Another good distraction is that Kingston has officially hit the terrible twos in public, he is a runaway and doesn't look back. My mom took him to the concession and the next thing you know he is out on the competition floor, I didn't claim him.
Avery is going to be a motivational ______ something when she grows up, she has the best advice and support for Roe, and we loved having her and Crystal at the meet.

Kingston doing a little hip shake
On a side note, the last few meets Monroe has started this yawning thing, it is so weird, a nervous habit, tic, something, not sure what is going on with that, thankfully it is not going on during the routines.