Monday, May 27, 2013

School's out, Bootcamp is in

Jess had sent me this simple chore chart/ door hanger to do for my kiddos.  We are needing some responsibility and accountability without me having to ask.
my kindergarten grad

 loving us some kids meals at chipotle on the last day of school
 no country club membership= playing in the sprinkler, Strudel enjoys this a little more
 Roe is off gym this week, but hasn't stopped her from stretching and flipping at home

 wow the Royals are really needing some cheers right now
3rd grade picnic, Lennon looks for the camera and smiles every time! We got a future model here.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Best in Show...

We had fun at the gymnastics banquet, always fun to hear the girls awards,
best listener, most coachable, best attitude, best smile, etc
Talk about proud parenting moment when your kid gets the show off award (not:)
Would I like her to be confident, yes, a show off, not so much, Jeryka, you will have to work on this one;)

I love making the girls slideshow videos, thank you to the parents who sent me pictures! We had fun with the girls this year adding a little video for  Jeryka as well.

Piano Recital 2013

Xander had his piano recital last night at the high school (wow has it changed!), followed by a band concert. Thankfully, Victoria started a little early so we could hear most of these cuties play a song or two. I have never heard him practice his trumpet so it would have been nice to have gone to the concert:) Trav & Jude joined Xan at the concert while I took Roe to her gymnastics banquet.

Kingston added to most of the numbers;)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Field Day x 3

 Trav took pics at Roe & Jude's field day, it was always my absolute favorite day of the school year, of course that is when you got ribbons!:)
 (nice arrangement Trav) Mrs.Ribble says Roe is the model student, helps to have the model teacher, so organized and the best communicator, I could learn a few things from her.
 Mrs.Sandmann also getting some photo ops, of course it was 90 degrees on Tuesday,Trav had to bust out the sunblock a few times. I can't complain it could have been snowing..

 trying to talk Mrs.Sandmann into holding Jude back another year, I am going to miss this warm friendly smile every day

my kids favorite event, the shoe kick, now that takes skill

nothing to do with field day, didn't want King to feel left out of the post.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Let me check you for ticks

I missed field day this week, but got to go to the Konza Prairie this morning with Monroe's class, it was a gorgeous day and a gorgeous hike.

Not sure if I will remember the hike or our guide "Gary", he could have been in a movie, he had a total sense of humor but got me a little worried from time to time. At one point, he said "Im having trouble breathing, I can't talk anymore", and later was unsure if we were headed in the right direction on the trail. He was so kind, sharing his own personal water bottle with the kids.
Gary had the kids put their arms straight out, close their eyes and "feel" the prairie.
Lets just say our group was a little on the wild side to say the least.
the kids were using their hands as different layers of limestone, boys and girls are very uncomfortable touching hands in 3rd grade.
Gary gave them several snacks along the trail, weeds, celery,
and sour something?
showing off a heart shaped rock, we saw several of these, and very sharp!
Besides a few bees and ticks, it was a great field trip to end the year.

Monday, May 13, 2013

"M" is for Maid

 My babe has officially hit the terrible two's, here are just a few of Kings reigning moments this last week.
1)While I was cleaning  picking up the rest of the house this morning, he was quietly "playing" in Roe's room.
2)Im pretty sure at least one of his bottom teeth are going to fall out from knocking them on our chair
3) He wrote all over our couch that I have yet to folex out
4) He has added my tummy to his favorites along with my big arm.

We left everything a big fat mess, took advantage of the nice weather, and headed to the park. Im convinced it is God speaking to me that I will never have another baby and to fully embrace each awesome milestone of toddlerhood, Im going to miss this right?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Short & Sweet Soccer Season

Season highlights:
Jude stopped playing with the flags and in the nets and kicked the ball!
Over half of the games and practices were canceled due to weather.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

a sad Goodbye

Good luck to the Butler girls, Lexi & Kylie, they are moving to Tennessee, we will miss their spunk, determinitation and amazing gymnastics skills!
Lexi has been such a great role model, it will not be the same without them
lots of tears shed at practice

Cheers to my Nurses

Love my fellow OB nurses, who get to see me at my best and worst & still love me. & give the best back rubs. LOVED actually getting to have a meal together that never happens EVER and thank you Dr.G for the sangrias:)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flapjack on a mama and other Nonsense Videos

Xander is so silly, he got us laughing so hard watching the video below, now he has decided to make his own nonsense videos. It makes me laugh just watching himself crack himself up. Im not one to read jokes or forwards, or even a Tv watcher for that matter, but I did giggle at this.

Monday, May 6, 2013

How we dance

 awkward family photo, had to include this one
 Grampy and Grandma Susie came for the recital, this is the first one they have been to in 5 years of dance, would love for it to be annual now that they are retired.
 Trav made me trade places with him at the recital so he could sit by his mom, I hope my boys do that someday.
 Would love this to be our fourth grade teacher next year, Miss Kylee.

 Crazy dance moms:) Aves is sporting the Hip to be Square, it was the cutest tap number ever, the girls had so much fun doing this nerdy gig.
 Miss Smith made an appearance, she has a dance history as well
 Monroe & Kenz
 Roe was ordering up her skirt to be fluffed, these boys were on it
Monroe was pretty sad it was over, I was a little excited about Monday nights being free. For me, the costumes this year were the best I have seen yet, another great recital!

when I focused in had a little trouble with getting the whole group in:(