Sunday, November 24, 2013

Oh what a night!

Jeryka was absolutely stunning for her wedding, we loved sharing this day with her!

 think Kyle was a titch excited, I would be too!

my escorts

I had no idea Kyle had these moves, pretty impressive!

trying to teach Roe some moves, think she is a little more shy on the dance floor than at the gym

The farm was absolutely beautiful!

 When the girls weren't dancing they were in the photo booth.
We loved seeing the older retired girls again as well as the Butler girls who are in Tennessee now.

Enjoy your honeymoon newlyweds, love you guys!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sweet Smile

I love this top toothless grin, here's hoping his teeth have room to come in:)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mock Meet

The girls had a mock meet a couple weeks ago to get ready for competition season to start. All new routines this year, fun to change things up but will be interesting  to see how all the new level structure goes.

You have come along way since kindergarten Roe, makes me so sad she is growing up!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jeryka's Shower

yellow & gray wedding colors, LOVE!
think Roe enjoyed her first ever shower & will be even more excited about her first ever wedding!
LOVE the hair  & makeup what a beautiful bride she will be..

loved seeing this old face Jordan, pretty sure she grew a foot in the last few months!

Jerkya with gym girls
and for the wedding advice clip, Roe got some help from Jeryka's mom I think.
Prayers for healing, responding well to the chemo & that she will feel great at her wedding, bring on Mrs. Jeryka Lawrence!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our Favorite Setter!

We got to watch Kenzie play vball Friday night, even got to spend about 45 minutes with Grampy & Grandma so that was a nice surprise bonus!

They won their first set, should have won the 2nd, and lost the 3rd.
A rough day for them but a great experience just making it to state.

It is a lot more fun to watch high school than 4th grade for sure, and love watching Kenzie of course, great season Kenz!

Monday, November 4, 2013


This is about as good as pics as Trav got, the kids and I chuckled a lot watching the videos, you can see some personalities come out a lot!

I missed the 6th grade choral festival on Friday, but I got to see it after on video & I cried!! The sad part is, you can't even see Xander in the second video b/c the high school   joined them.
So fun that to see the graduating class of 2020 and lots of friends come together for it. We had our very own Victoria Bieber playing Anyway. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Sweet Halloween

Kingston decided he wanted to be Spiderman on Halloween, this would be the same Spiderman Xander wore 8 years ago so much that my very dear friend Heather sewed up because there was a big hole in it, I love to see this walmart buy it is still going strong!
Roe & Xan in 2005

His buddy Keane wore a little more updated Spidey

dollar spot at Target came through with the dollar moostaches, (what King calls them)
we busted out the old man the week of Halloween, thought these smiles were similar;)
I thought the skins were a great find for the tween boys that want to be incognito

We might need to get some bigger stairs, our kids are growing up

Lindsay Siebert a great Marlatt mom organized a parade down our neighborhood streets, it was so fun to see costumes in the daylight, wish I could have got a shot of the Incredibles family, they did look pretty incredible. There was a mom leading the pack in her van playing some Ghostbusters & other fun music, I felt like I was in a Modern Family episode.

Erick & Roe gym brats rocking the Toddlers & Tiaras, think it was pretty appropriate from what Jeryka told me Roe acted like after her rip on bars.
crazy Spidey driver

pre-parade rally
you can see the incredibles a little bit from behind
fun sun pic
 I loved Tess, the bride
older boys were quick to shed their costumes