Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cattle Baron's Ball 2013

This is as boots & blinged as I get. Thank you Barb, Kenzie & Angie for my outfit the day of, (still would have rather had you come mangie1)
These 2 can get pretty blinged up country style, love them:) sitting on their new bench they won at the auction.
A text a week prior and we prayerfully decided the night was worth dropping some cash for a great cause with great friends. The committee did a fabulous job with the decorating, it was a gorgeous night with so many supporters, yes you my surgical nurse friends & Marlatt teachers, love you!! Too many so near and dear to us are fighting the fight of their lives and we loved being there for a neighbor and fellow Marlatt mama who shared her amazing story as well, we pray for you daily Aricca, you got this.

Back into the swing of things

 Kids were a little sad to see summer camp come to an end at church since now they have to wear something other than an old t's on Sundays

 the highlight of the week was that Jude learned to tie his shoes, thank you Daddy for your patience and persistence! Yes, those are some long bunny ears.
When not having a play-date with friends, King resorts to Strudel.

He is just as social as his siblings at 2, always asking for a friend to play with, we are blessed with lots of these:)

this is a must make, YUM!!

here is the recipe, (I didn't think the picture made it look too enticing, so disregard)

Xander loves to perform and has been working on his magic if anyone would like a show, he would probably be pretty cheap.

week off of gym made this girl a little crazy, she has been in much better spirits this week!
 I would be lying if I said I was really looking forward to school starting and that this kid is really easy to have by himself. Not so much, love love him but he is not one that would be a good only child. He is getting so independent and into a dumping and screaming stage, lets hope this stage passes quickly!

Overlap to Gap

We went from overlapping folded front teeth to a gap in 9 days:)

Friday, August 16, 2013

A Mouthful

Monroe has a small mouth with no space for all of her permanent teeth. Im not sure where that came from Kenzie? but Trav and I seem to have big mouths:)

Dr.T hooked her up with a palate expander yesterday.
Trav getting checked off on turning the key, we need to do nightly.
He asked  her to walk on her hands down the treatment area after, if it doesn't interfere with gymnastics I guess it should be fine then.

Up close with the metal mouth. 
Sporting a new cute Tindall T. Im pretty sure she will get referred back to speech b/c she sounds like she has a mouthful of spit/ slobber when she talks, I think this should get better.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First day faves

The gangs back together! Here's hoping they will forgo their chattiness & demonstrate their kind, helpful, creative selves to help Miss Bryant have a fabulous first year, we want to keep her around.

4th, 6th, & 1st, last year these 3 will be together

Yes, Mrs.Sandmann, you can't get rid of us, we will be visiting often

my kids have had some art withdrawl, so happy to see Miss Smith!

Mrs. Quintanar has been both of the older 2 kiddos teacher, we are blessed with her again this year! (And Jude is pretty pumped with lots of his friends in his class from last year as well as some new ones)

 Xander & Mr.Hendricks. We told him our goal for Xander by the end of the year is to teach him some meticulous lawn care (he is also our neighborhood lawn master)
 After school party of 25 on the porch, I think there was some great people watching going on from inside.
 Xander, Mitch & Brady currently sit by each other, not sure how long that is going to last!
and its up to me and Strudel to entertain this guy!

Monday, August 12, 2013

To grandmother's house we go

My parents have retired to Hamilton, Mo where they both grew up. They have fixed up my dad's childhood home into a complete dollhouse, I need my mom to come deep clean mine, she is the best! I love that they are so much closer now, but they have been busy with lots of house/yard projects so we had to go check out their work for the weekend!

 the kids love the rides on the mower, the yard is perfect of course, yep we could use some help there too:)

We had dinner with Granny, I haven't got to see her since she broke her hip a few months ago, she looked great and we loved visiting with her.
The worst part of Missouri, too many smokers! At the restaurant we ate at there was seriously a smoking section, we will have to go on Sundays I guess. The roads are awful there too, we got stuck in some construction and Jimmy navigated us into a few close crashes.

tell me this belongs to a lactation consultant??

 Potbelly on the plaza, I have only been to them in Chicago, love them! Pretty sure I have my own potbelly after eating there 2 days in a row, definitely not low cal.

 My parents kept the kids while we stayed on the plaza for a night, they took lots of pictures and gave us updates, the kids loved the simple life, no tv or wifi there!

our roomies on the plaza:)
and yes most of our weekend revolved around eating as usual, we did manage to get a couple of short runs in. 
In lieu of the kids request for Worlds of Fun we stopped at Skyzone for 30 minutes on the way home.

 We had heard great things and Im all about the kids being tuckered out in a half hour.

Thank you for a great weekend Grampy & Grandma Susie!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

MHS 20 yr reunion

It was Trav's 20 year class reunion last weekend, seriously where did the time go? 
He had the best class in high shool, such a fun group, several that have remained close. 
5 of these boys pictured 25 years ago below on Bee Bop Braves:) I think John has grown out of his jersey a little.

we opted out of the dinner at the Hilton Garden Inn, for Harry's:)

Casey came from Nashville, we missed Holly!
after party at Farrel's, just like old times
thank you Robinsons for letting our hubs act like kids again

 Maren, Taryn, Chloe & Roe (thought the rhyming order was pretty cute:)
some of the boys
the weigh in, a contest to see who gained the most since high school
Moley band in the middle, where is Kurt?

 Friday night Palmgrens arranged dinner at Bolos, fun to hear them reminisce

Jen & Trav haven't changed a bit:)