Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Granny Awards

Roe was chosen to be the part of snoozy for the granny awards, she was pretty excited to get to fall asleep several times, a titch nervous & sad when it was over.
Travs parents came to watch the performance, what a birthday treat for Grandpa;)
The 4th grade did an awesome job. Granny, the Prof & snow white were a few of my favorites.

I loved watching the brave soloists
The kiddos had to draw a fairytale character, Roe chose her own. Love how the art & music teachers work together.

Grandpa award

A shout out to my father n law (and mother n law), who take on and love on my kiddos for days even while they are sick. They teach them about calving, hay bailing & & put up our trim while we are out of town.
 Happy 67th birthday Grandpa!! Thanks for joining our pancake dinner:)
 Can only pray that my kids will work as hard as this guy, love the soft, teary side of him too that has been passed down to my husband.
 our hardwood floors upstairs before… a little rough
and after, they look amazing!

 We lived like this for a couple weeks, all of our bedroom furniture on the main floor.

boys room after with the lovely trim

This was our community bed for several days, my kids loved it actually, and I liked not having to worry about bed making. The Amber alert tragedy has given them nightmares.

one of the preemie baby calves born

Thursday, February 13, 2014

More fun in the Windy City

The bigs were so excited about Chicago, popped out of bed at 445 and drank Dr.Pepper on the flight while Trav & I snoozed behind them.

We made it from O'hare to downtown Marriott without getting lost, woohoo!
We had great intentions to go up to the sky deck, 2 hr wait and no visibility with the snow, so we opted out.
Carbing up at Gino's East, all the times we have been to Chicago, never eaten here, we all enjoyed it.
We had fun with Kyle in attendance with us.

Waiting for the bus in sub zero temps to head to Navy Pier, that is another story that I would like to forget. Go Gym Plus!

ice sculptures @ Navy Pier
our Chocolatier in action
This stylist dude could do some great doll hair!
Xander enjoyed the fee massages at the meet

Xander & I shopping on the Magnificent Mile in the snow of course.

I could have bought one of everything in the Lush store, I love to take baths, thats right I don't have one though:)

The trains back to the airport were a little trickier, a little more packed, our last ride included this Mr.sleeping next to us.
the meet gift, a new Chi town leo!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Chicago Style 2014

An amazing weekend in Chi town, Roe took 1st on vault with a 9.15, 3rd on beam with a 9.2, 1st on bars with a 9.15, 1st on floor with a 9.6, and 1st all around with her highest all around score of 37.05.

 The girls were so nervous, Roe told me "mom, my legs were shaking!" This was right before beam, their first event.
 They have 5 gyms going at once at Navy Pier it is crazy huge, I see why they were so nervous!
I like that the 1st place all around resembles Monroe. Not that she didn't deserve it, but I thought the judges were generous with her scores. They were not giving out many 9's on vault or bars so she was pretty ecstatic.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Random resort & final photos

 We saw at least 2 weddings a day on our resort, what a perfect place for a wedding, had to be pricey.
 With all that we ate & drank, we tried to run or be active everyday. The Kahala is nestled in an area of multi million dollar homes, I never saw any residents there.

 We face timed the kids several times a day and they thought he had grown a mustache:)

 how we entertain ourselves and kids with selfies
 We hiked Diamond Head on my hubs 39th, this is a must do.

 They offered yoga at our resort, too much pressure when there are only 3 spots.
my own yoga, handstand style
had to take a pic of this rainbow on one of our runs, beautiful!
 The Kahala had its own private beach, I was thankful after going down to Wakiki to snorkel, you didn't even have a place to step, crazy crowded.
The buffet breakfast alone was why we needed to workout, it was delightful & I don't even like buffets. Im going to miss the made to order omelet bar.
Another wedding, you had to be careful not to paddle into their pics.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Snorkeling Expedition

 Our snorkel guides were awesome, they were straight out of a movie.
 Travis & Jake, good names too:)!
This is Travis telling us  "Brah, I just got like 2 new hats for BOGO dude, I felt like a chic."  
Travis did know the snorkel spot, he took off his BOGO hoodie, showed off his FOREVER LIFE tattoo dove into the water to about 10 sea turtles. The rest of us followed.

Unfortunately out of 14 of us, 3 of us girls got sick. I have never been seasick & after getting done snorkeling I was so nauseous & trying to self talk my way out of it. Captain Jake was so nice & he just said the best thing to do is just get rid of it, just do it downwind. I was trying to hold it together but embarrassingly enough proceeded to puke 5x overboard to complete the trip, keep in mind it was 10am & I had no cocktails. I don't think I will be cruising anytime soon.