Thursday, April 23, 2015

Keeping up with Kingston

Kingston continues to ask for play dates EVERY day, he is such a social dude, don't know where he gets it?

My girlfriend sent me this pic from preschool at the zoo with Miss Deanell and the selfie stick, hilarious! He has learned so much at UCC, I have learned that I haven't taken any preschool photos.
He asks to go to practice daily so he puts on gear, usually a combo of baseball and soccer and proceeds to fall asleep while carting around his siblings to activities.
He went to his first dentist appointment and had no cavities but 2 wiggly teeth already, no way, my 4th kids doesn't need to be advanced in any area please.
I wish I could have taken a pic of this middle finger nail that finally fell off. 

Spring allergies have been kicking his butt and I don't think the outdoor evening activities have helped.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Put me in coach

 I had to take a Stix pic for their banner, to get all kids looking was a task
I am so not a posed picture person, like this one better

 They played their first game of the season Monday night and built their egos up by playing kids that were a year younger, I am afraid they will get a wake up call on down the road.
Jude catching, he wants to play everywhere

 Baseball is my absolute favorite sport to watch, I will admit it. We have a lot to learn coming off parks & rec last year,  they are still so stinking cute in their uniforms even when they mess up!
 One of my favorite pics, Travis trying to coach Jude on 3rd base and Jude paying absolute no attention. His buddy Jack playing 3rd base, heart this:)
 Landon, Jack, Luke, Thayer, Tanner, Trey, Jason, Cooper, Landon, Jude, Colby, Sam
(Minus Jude, such baseball player names:)
 The machine was hard for Jude to adjust to at first, but he went 3 for 3 in his first game, keep it up buddy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kicking back in Cancun

5 days of photos of some serious relaxing, sun & sleep!! No computer (for me) or phone calls except for facetiming the kids at night, it was pretty refreshing to say the least. It has been 6 years since we had been to Mexico, I forgot how awesome the beach and water is.

sunrise from our deck
 handstand for Roe & Jeryka, the handstand queens
 selfie in front of the pools, they were a little warm I thought

pool bar selfie, chips & guac was our daily lunch
La isla shopping center, posed with Bumblebee for the kids, I am NOT a shopper in Mexico for sure!
he loved me taking his picture;) notice someone still brought their computer

selfie before dinner on our deck
We ate dinner on a patio almost everynight, my perfect 80 degree weather that never got chilly and no flies or bug invasion, it was pretty fabuloso!!
They were always putting fresh flowers in clear multi-sized vases, loved this!
My hub getting annoyed, do you have to take a picture of everything?!! Yes, we seriously ate this giganto breakfast every morning, I opted for the homemade omelet the rest was pretty bad brunch food.

Good timing of the trip with Trav turning 40 in Feb and our 16th wedding anniversary in June, we needed this!

We did manage to run every day, except that I got my feet wet and then ran in new shoes =bloody, sandy, blisters, not good with an ocean combo and now I think my toe is infected:((
Our last day of running we changed it up and ran along a lagoon with lots of danger of crocodiles NO SWIMMING along it, we commented this must be a big issue because there were soooo many signs. Sure enough the last night we were there at 31 yr decided to swim in the lagoon and was killed by a croc, yikes!
Trav continued to get tanner as my spray tan faded during the week.
So we went to this fancy dinner place that was one of my favs called "Harry's", must be the name, but they brought out the hugest cotton candy, the kids would have loved this, it was so random!

Crappy pic but the spa was the nicest I have ever been to, we did a couples massage and started with the hydrotherapy that was a 90 minute ritual that was partially torturous, lots of ice involved, thankfully the whirlpool and massage were a nice ending touch.
This is adventurous as we got, lots of beach, swimming & frisbee, great getaway, thankful for our parents, families & friends to take on 4 kids and activities for us.
Xander told me "We pretty much partied every night". Ok, well that is more than Trav & I did, and I am super ok with that. By party, I hear they drank pop, ate candy, played cards & basketball with grandparents, aunt, uncle & cousins;)

Monday, April 6, 2015

A Blessed Easter

blessed to be their mom and thankful the UA outlet shirts fit, I only buy what they will wear again:)
on time for church and even had time for a quick pic!
Grandma Pam went overboard as usual with eggs, the kids needed a second basket!
Picture overload, we only did one egg hunt this year and it was worth the wait and a gorgeous day for it!
double fisting it
not too many pics of this one not in a leo
love & spoiled by these peeps
never too old to hunt eggs, especially when there is money in them
ended the day with whiffle ball, an automatic out if it goes in the gutter:(

Kingston got a head start
definitely an egg hidden by Grandpa
cute pic minus the jelly stain
so many great hiding spots at the farm
handsome smirk