Thursday, February 26, 2015

St. Louis Classic

This was our first weekend to compete in St. Louis and what a great time, besides more cold weather. Roe had 15 in her age group and finished 1st all around, she had a super rough warm up and awesome meet, so proud of her.

She fell twice on all her warm ups on bars, and there were tears. She told me Jeryka told her you can cry but it doesn't help:( Shaylynn gave her some positive self talk and she stepped it up for the competition. Beam was next and she also fell in her warm ups. During beam, the floor routine playing was "Stuck Like Glue", she told me the song helped, maybe so for beam:)

Xander and Roe were laughing at the plastic trophy she got for first, we have seen some break so probably not a bad idea.
a little more excited coming out of the meet than going in
She competed at the Edward Jones dome, which was a fantastic facility with chair backs and beer, surprisingly I didn't partake.

On Saturday, we watched Miss Laura and the other level 3's compete, they have improved so much!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Windy City

We got 44 dollar flights to Chicago from Kc Valentine's weekend for Roe to compete the 3rd year in a row at Navy Pier, doesn't this weather look perfect?!
The Schmitt's came with us this year! The boys had a good time riding the El and wanted to check out the Cubs stadium since they have taken out the bleachers:(
The lap pool was packed with lots of little gymnasts and these 2 crazy boys

Molly (far left) competed as a level 10 for us 5 years ago and has been doing club gymnastics at Texas A&M since, she was able to come back and compete as a 21 year old as a level 9 at the meet and we came to watch her represent MGA, she rocks!
her leaps are amazing!!
We took advantage of the Nordstrom make up counter across the street and Roe got her eyes sparkled up for the competition, fun girl time!

It is a pretty awesome meet, they have 6 gyms running at once at Navy Pier

shopping on the magnificent mile in the not so magnificent snow
So many things I wanted to text Jeryka at the meet,
you see a lot of cute and not so cute leos, these Russell leos with the pantyhose arms awful, Jeryka would agree

her 2 biggest fans that probably didn't watch a single routine, Cole & Xander

I only hope that Roe can be the role model Molly is, she is such a positive amazing athlete!
so great to have you at the meet Molly, only wish there was an engineering job here for her!!
had to take an indoor pic of the city view

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy "Valentimes" Day

Only appropriate to do flipz Valentine's this year for Roe. her class had an all day party that they planned themselves, not sure how that was legal but all I had to do was send sundae toppings which was great with me, love when they are old enough to plan their own parties!

Kingston was the cutest this year, very excited looking through his class "Valentimes", his favorites this year were the bubbles and frozen Valentines

a repeat from Xander sodas for Jude's valentines, thank you Jess for your creativity!
 my favorite valentine shirt, King of hearts!
 I signed up to organize the valentine's party in Jude's class and the other 4 people had to work, so it was just me,  the kids had a BLAST, literally popping balloons with no hands:)
best smile I could get from King of course was blurry

I figured the q tips in straws for "Cupid's Arrow" game would be a pinterest flop, but actually worked really well
funny face oreo minute to win it pics
Jude is our sweetest, smartest kid, please don't grow up, love you buddy!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

National Judges Cup Slideshow Pics

I got Roe's pics from National Judges Cup, think they turned out so great!
Now which ones to print...

Sunday, February 8, 2015

T-Say is 40!

 It turned out to be a great evening at the Bluemont Lounge, thanks to friends for taking time out of crazy schedules to meet for a drink & social time to celebrate Travis. Shout out to Mr.Steve, our rockin bartender!

and Kelsie for making some sweet cupcakes!!

blessed to have some really great friends
 selfie with my fav nurse Lindsay, so looking forward to working a few hours later ;)…
I still think I felt better than my hubs

 party pics, sad I didn't get my camera out til the end of the night

 T&T, think Angie must have been asleep by now?
 Im not sure what is going on here?...

My one decoration kept falling down:(((

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Weekend sports section

 Xander and I went to Salina last weekend for swimming
 love this cheering section for their teammate, fun to watch
 he got best times and has qualified for districts in most of his swim events,  and is enjoying being in the 12 year old group for now

he talked me into Red Lobster after, I took advantage of some one on one with my almost teenager
 Jude started up little dribblers, the seating and game is brutal but he is enjoying it, to say the least
 He was a little distracted by his buddy Max on the other team, such a cute age
love these two twinners

 Konza Crush kicked off their 2 day volleyball tourney in Gardner
 the siblings enjoyed their gym time as well
 Couldn't ask for better coaches Angie & Kenzie, love them
 I felt like I was watching Kenzie (Roe) much of the time, so weird
 break time

 a great group of girls, fun parents
 and coaches too of course:)

 We stayed at the Crowne Plaza hotel next to Oak Park Mall, I would highly recommend, a great pool/lounge area and big breakfast in the morning, and a glass elevator, yep, perfect for  a bunch of kids

 The girls did great taking 3rd place the first day, the second day we faced huge 12 year old teams and the girls stepped up their game and improved so much over the weekend,
a great start to the volleyball season.