Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hey Jude is Nine!!

Crazy that this was one of my first posts and have been doing this blogging thing (not well) but doing it for 9 years, my kiddos and I love looking back at old posts and videos, thankfully because I think I have forget most everything:(

Jude at nine you continue to have the sweetest most gracious heart!  My middle sensitive pleaser child I can relate to you so well!  It is no surprise that your first word was baseball because you are my most competitive boy child by far and love all things ball. If you ever need a game to watch with someone this is your guy!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Teen Idol Awards Murder Mystery Party

This might have been my favorite birthday party yet and yes my kids are getting old for parties:) My family did a murder mystery party for NYE several years ago and it was pretty fun, I think they have gotten better since. We planned it a week before, bought the murder mystery online and the kids chose the Teen Idol Awards theme that worked perfect for their age co-ed party.

The characters were all a twist on current teen idols and everyone had a dress code, I was so impressed with even the boys in costume!

Best costume went to Tysen aka Justin Bebre & Grayson aka Taye Swiftly

Kingston was the police office and loved the microphone! Kenzie was in town for Easter and stopped by for the party, woot woot!

These two had to perform a robot style dance:)

I'm not sure what is going on with my camera angle, but the girls looked beautiful!

Xander was really hoping he wasn't the victim, but turns out he was and Taye Swiftly (Grayson) was the murderer

these girls aka Celene Gomez & Jenny Lawrent had to choreograph a hip hop routine

Claire & Kendal=salsa

a little practice walking the red carpet

Tysen and Xander ended up with ballet and somehow won the vote, it was not so graceful

This little party was another reminder of how we have outgrown our house and 13 tweenagers singing dancing and smelling in one small area was a little cozy! Also Travis was in charge of the lights, that every few minutes another strand would fall or land on something, it put another twist on the mystery.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy 12th Birthday Roe Belle!

the only one in the family she will share her bed with:)

You can mostly find her in activewear, but she likes to dress up on occasion...

The gymnastics competition season this year was replaced with lots of time with Angie and Kenzie. They have been her running partners and volleyball coaches, so thankful for them for putting up with her and being her biggest cheerleaders!

This girl, I love being her mom!  At 12, you are in ladies jeans, shoes and awe me with your drive and determination in all areas of life. Above all, your spirit is amazing, I pray that the teenage years don't mess this up;)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Happy 14th B-day Xander Reece Say!

(had to share his personification poem from LA, I am sure I didn't have his insight at 14)

Xander is 14 today! At 14, he is the best teenager, the best brother, the best student, the best babysitter, with an amazing heart, love him!!
Size 10 1/2 shoe
Height Taller than me
Likes swimming, hanging out with friends and family and wouldn't miss a youth group
Favorite subject is Math, most likely since his aunt teaches him
Transportation now is his bike everywhere to school and swim
Goal- pass his driving test, yikes!!
(Total bragging post but I am going to take advantage while I can:)

Monday, March 21, 2016

OmMyHa Zoo Round 2 & Coco Keys

We haven't been to Omaha zoo since 2009, so we decided it was time to take a trip back over Spring Break. This trip I was single parenting it and we added Kingston to the fam. Kingston got see a bear for the first time in his life but liked the hammerhead sharks and stingrays the best!

My kids are truly the best ages right now and I am soaking it up, the one above is always such a help, is now taller than me and going to be 14 in a couple days!!

The polar bear was my fav for sure!!

The kids didn't realize we were staying at a Coco Keys, they were excited, I love surprises and more that I didn't have to put a suit on the second day, Kingston could pretty much touch in all areas:)

Siblings trying to talk Kingston into doing the all enclosed tunnel slide.