Thursday, October 31, 2013

Raining on our parade

I know not a lot of peeps are into Halloween & dressing up, but I LOVE IT!! 
Xander sporting Willie Wonka in Kindergarten

Mario & Luigi with one of our dearly missed favorites Mrs.Miles in 2nd grade

Earlier this month we were told the Marlatt parade was no longer deemed appropriate, Im going to miss this! Loved seeing all the families and kids dressed up, even if most of my kids costumes were made up and reused. In lieu of the parade & party we get a fall party either this or next week. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Can you dig it?

We ended our sweet volleyball season this week.
I learned what a dig is, I think it would be what Grayson is doing in this picture? 

The best part was our awesome coaches:) Love them, probably because it is my sister and niece, Im a little biased.

Roe was true to herself and had to be a perfectionist with her serves, no surprise there.

Kenzie & Angie taught some great skills, (not that I know any), & mostly to have fun. Love all of their intense expressions.  

I think we had a pretty good cheering section too, even if they all weren't paying attention.

These girls had an awesome first season, winning 7 of 8 games & 21 of 24 matches,
great job Spikes!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fun on the Farm

 We like to hit the Pumpkin Patch for Kings birthday and this year we changed it up to A&H, it did not disappoint!
The animals there you can actually go inside and feed, I got my foot stepped on by a baby calf, probably should have worn boots and not toms.

The friendly fire arena was awesome, the kids used air guns and had a BLAST;)

Jude got some airtime on the zipline

Xan & Billy dancing

the kids didn't see any rules posted for the slide, it was super fast & big, all going at once!

Jude had an awesome aim, I don't think he kept the 10ft rule for sure

Kingston enjoyed the tractor and bounce houses while the bigs did the big kid stuff.

Xander danced most of the way down the zipline

the chicken milking off the cow cracked us up!
Happy 3rd King!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Trick or treating in the Ville

It was the perfect weather for the Aggieville homecoming parade & trick or treat this year. We usually don't get past the Haunted house in the Dusty Bookshelf that the kids think is awesome even the 40th time through. 
We have got Spyro the skylander 3 sizes too big & a little Duck Dynasty action
Kingston is the perfect age for trick or treating, he gets so excited about all the costumes and all 4 pieces of candy he got.
girl power
the highlighter had a cap malfunction to start the evening off, Cole reappeared as a football player this year & Jude opted for  Donatello.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Monster Splash

 talk about a lot of people, monster splash is a popular meet I decided
 Xan got lots of best times and only times for events, so fun to watch him but not sweat your rears off in the natatorium.
 younger boys hung out in hospitality most of the time
Gail & I timed, it is kind of a lot of pressure but fun being right up in the action. We had a collision in our lane, but I think the pool peeps loved us, we were great cheerleaders for Lane 8!

I loved this picture of Levi, I might get the photography gig next time;) He lost steam right at the end, I wanted to jump in and give him a boost.