Sunday, September 28, 2014

School Fitness Challenge 2014

Proud 1 mile Marlatt 5th grade finishers!!
Proud 1/2 mile 2nd grade finishers, good job boys!
Roe had a great run this year finishing 3rd for girls with a 7:25 mile
Jude did awesome too, finishing in 3:22 for 1/2 mile, they both took 30 seconds off their time from last year.
The beauty of living in a small town Jude had soccer in the same place 30 min after he finished the fun run:)
He has become such a determined soccer player, I love watching him.

Monday, September 15, 2014

#teamjeryka #wintherace #happiest5k #tcrmanhattan

We had a pretty sweet group including some gymnasts, family & friends for our Team Jeryka for the color run Saturday. What would have made it even more perfect is if we had our coach who was racing in Colorado. She has been having a hard time standing and walking lately, so the race was out for her, but I guess in a race car you don't get quite so dizzy?;)
The waiting corral was entertaining in itself, lots of people watching, dancing, or maybe it was other people watching us.
the fam representing Team Jeryka
a few of the gymnasts
the girls ran the whole way together, cheering/pushing each other on, Jeryka would have been proud of them

the boys colored up, Xander was sweating in colors the next day, so crazy!!
The color run was way better run than I imagined, Im not sure why I expected it wouldn't be.

Thank you for the pics Shannon & Crystal!

Roe's besties who have also been Jeryka fans the last 2 years through her journey. Thankful for her trial at NIH she was accepted in and will be heading to in a week. Continued prayers that she will win this fight, we are in it with you Jeryka, we love you!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Because Im a bacon avocado kinda girl...

We are eating healthy this week, ;) yummy this
I will make this again

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Manhattan Gymnastics Academy

sandwiched by coaches Shay and Jeryka, it turned out to be a perfect evening Friday night to party it up for the gym name change MGA!

 Kyle, Jeryka & Sara Lawrence posing under the new signage.
 Jeryka talking raffle 101
 counting the raffle earnings
 Jeryka with her coaches & a photobombing gymnast sporting their new shirts #MGA
 Kingston trying out the indoor obstacle course activities, too bad boys don't do beam

 dads advertising leo sales
 minute to win-it, cake walk and bounce house fun, love the shams in this pic

Gray getting a shot at the dunk tank

 a little chilly for the dunk tank

Kingston telling Ericka everything he knows about Grandpa's farm

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Insta August

 I printed an Instagram book of the last year for our family photo album and loved it off of Blurb book. Just in case the blogworld disappears I will still have some pictures printed of my kids.
 I won't lie I was dreading the kids going back to school, 3 hasn't been the easiest year for Kingston. The past couple weeks with him have been awesome, don't want to jinx it but he is throwing less tantrums, sleeping with his siblings instead of us and we have been having a great time while the kids are at school.

 Our middle schooler, loving it so far, his favorite classes baking, drawing & language arts.
 Eskimo kisses with Strudel
 this is how we ride to school, jammies and pillow
 lots of park time with this guy
 National dog day
 Monroe got her braces off and she is sporting a gorg smile with beautiful teeth, until the next round or the canines come in, this could be short lived...
getting ready for the fun fall schedule of flag football and soccer games, Jude is pumped, not sure I am.