Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bumbo Boy

We are off to pick up Xander from school, Roe loves to ride her bike.

Thank goodness for spray tans! We are heading to Branson for the long weekend and it will nice to not be pasty white when we swim. I should have taken a before after pic but this IS a bit tan for me, it takes about 3 minutes and wa-la its a new tan me. Too bad it only lasts 7 days.

Our eventful day

We started the day of with a park date with pre-school friends. Roe and Jenna really hit it off, I think Roe loved the sunglasses.

Kindergarten is cool

After Xander's first day of school, the first thing he said to me is "kindergarten is cool mom!" I love to hear his stories, his teacher sent me this cute pic of them on the playground. Of course he only knows 3 of their names and they are all girls. I give him a goal everyday to play with a boy at recess and learn their name. After 2 1/2 weeks we are still working on it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Attempt at salsa

I would like to share about my attempt to make homemade salsa, my Granny's fab recipe. My friend Jen brought me a bag of tomatoes from her garden. I was ecstatic and inspired to make salsa. I was salivating as I was cutting up 8c of tomatoes. Following my recipe card (from Granny) I went to the Farmers market and got an onion and jalapeno peppers. This was an all day affair. I also got some new cute jars (above) to can them and went about the preparation. The next day in the shower, my fingers were throbbing and felt like they were on fire. The nurse in me questioned whether I was having a heart attack or stroke, but quickly realized it was from the jalapenos. I was then a bit stressed when I noticed my lids hadn't popped after several hours. A long story short, I guess I was supposed to boil the lids first (I had no idea) and my great salsa idea turned out to be another one of my many kitchen failures.

My future artist

I have mentioned before I think Monroe is my artist in the making. This is difficult for me, because I have no artistic ability whatsoever. I am trying to help her develop and grow artistically, so I just continue to give her things to color (how creative is that). For a 3 yr old, she seriously colors better than me. She went into a little depression when her brother (favorite playmate) started school, so we try to keep busy.

Im feeling old

I am a novice and can't figure out how to flip the pic, anyhow, I can't believe I have a kindergartner. We are 2wks in and he loves it, I am not so sure. So far, he has told me his favorite time is recess, naptime and music. I absolutely love his teacher and student intern and have signed up to help with every party, am I crazy?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More silliness

I have got some future olympians on my hands, I think, don't they have great form? Jude loves to be naked, hopefully this doesn't indicate what his future holds.

This is kind of funny

Should I be disturbed that this is what my kid laughs at? We get in trouble for being distractive in Travvy's office and I have no idea why?