Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Countdown to Candy

 bring on the trick or treaters, our porch is full of some perfectly  painted, wrapped and carved pumpkins, and 70 degrees today, can't beat it:)
We made mummy wrapped juice boxes with duct tape and jack o lantern mandarin oranges for Jude's party, thank you Jude for the googly eyes and Xander and Monroe for the faces, pinterest and Liz for the idea.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Aggieville Trick or Treat & Homecoming Parade

 the cold weather didn't bother the kindergarteners at all, they enjoyed the parade, while the older siblings enjoyed the warm coffee shop
 Snuggling to keep warm. Roe's spider costume was incognito with leg warmers, ear warmers and a peace sign blanket

 I thought the cold weather might keep some home for the trick or treat and parade, not so much. It was packed with no place to sit or squeeze for the parade, the kids of course loved the dusty bookshelf haunted house, that they visited at least 8x.
 Flash was definitely in character
 a personal favorite, Max decided to stop, sit and enjoy some chocolate
 my little mommy
 Can't you just see them in high school, hanging out at the coffee shop, at least that is where I hope they are hanging out:)
Cole as Collin for heisman, I loved it the first time I have seen him stay in costume, posing with Clark Kent.

Friday, October 26, 2012

MHK Trolley Ghost Tour

The Palmgrens graciously invited us on a ghost tour on the Manhattan Trolley Wednesday night. I heard we were the first ghost tour, I was a bit nervous about it being scary, but our guide was great and fun and made it completely PG.  Im not sure who had more fun, the kids or adults it was an absolute blast and the 75 degree weather made it all the more enjoyable.
It took a little convincing but Xander dressed as Clark Kent (Kendal thought he was a nerd, kind of the same thing) after I sprayed his hair black, he got into character and enjoyed it. He loves history and details and will be talking about this for awhile I am sure.

Jude chose to be Flash this year, who was also one of Trav's favorite childhood superheros. Have to admit, Flash had to flash along the way to pee at a few of the ghost stops.
Monroe sporting her dance itsy bitsy spider costume from last year next to cowgirl Saylor and Kendal (Mavis) that I didn't recognize without her curls!
Jeanne, Jenny and Berneda

learning about the old hospital that is now a frat house creeped me out a bit

Mr.Runyan, (dressed as Nick the ghost) played fun music and did a great job of engaging the kids and adults.
getting to know Nick the Ksu ghost
trolley kids
couple of the trolley dads

the littles got to go and enjoyed themselves, Kingston called it the "school bus"

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Young Life Banquet at the Barn

So thankful for friends (not all pictured:) that joined us for the Young Life Banquet to support reaching middle school, high school and college kids with the gospel.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Take a Hike

 a couple pictures that resemble what I felt about single parenting it this weekend

 We headed to Konza prairie to take a little hike and do a little exploring on Sunday, we wanted to pack our weekend full with Says Nashville in town.

 some attempts to get a Grandpa & Grandma Say Christmas card
this one is my favorite, typical all running away from us:)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Kingston is 2! And a list of his favorites...

I feel like you were just in my belly as humpty dumpty, how are you 2 already??

You still love to "seep wis you" and want "your arm" (mine or daddies) while you are asleep

 love to explore and adore Jude
 squint your eyes when you fake smile
 love to play with cars
 have mastered jumping, dancing, singing abc's and counting to 12
 love balloons, too bad their is a helium shortage on your birthday, but thankful the 6th graders were doing their hot air balloon launch today at Marlatt!

sneak peak of Max from Where the Wild Things Are costume that my girlfriend Jenny made, appropriate since books are also on your very FAVORITES list, along with Pizza Hut buffet pasta.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

More Munchkins

 how cute is this face of Charlie's, love it
 Kingston rode around the patch at least 8x, definitely a favorite
 and the ziplining, we need to get one of these
 Kingston and Grandma picking out a pumpkin
 girls bonding
 these goats were fighting/playing, my boys could definitely relate

 launching hedgeballs/  horse apples was also a favorite
 love when the bigs show around the littles

 Xander really got his body into the launch
 they added the rope swing this year, I tried it and decided I needed to work on my upper body strength

We took up an entire cart load