Wednesday, July 20, 2016

St. Thomas

I was blessed with the most amazing trip for 5 days to US Virgin Islands with my hubs of 17 yrs! I'm sad I didn't take my camera, but it is still gorgeous in iPhone photos;)

We stayed at Marriott Frenchman's Reef, it had the most amazing infinity pool overlooking the ocean with lots of iguanas and hermit crabs.

The island is only 32 square miles so we pretty much beach hopped every day the water is clearly amazing.

We took the ferry to Charlotte Amalie one morning and did a little shopping at the market, I found the perfect suit;)

Pirates of the Caribbean:)

Room with a view

This reminded me of our breakfast I make at home and view of course

We saw several cruise ships go by our resort, I was not jealous, I would much rather be on an island than a boat.

We met some nice couples that we had dinner with a couple nights. The older couple had a place they have rented out on the island for 20+ years, how fabulous would that be?!!

Our day consisted of running on the beach, eating, drinking, beaching, eating and being in bed at 8pm, my kind of vacate.

Our taxi rides were adventurous, thankfully never too long, but driving on the wrong side of the street with no shoulder made me want to close my eyes a lot.
took a trip to the local's favorite beach Lindquist, it was very private with fun shady trees and no potties.

My personal fav Trunk Bay at St. John island which was a 15min ferry ride from St. Thomas.  We rented 5.00 snorkel equipment and saw some beautiful sea life along the reef. I would love to bring my kids to this beach and stay for a long time, but nobody could get sick because I am afraid the hospitals aren't this pretty.

Overlooking Magen's Bay, gorgeous!!

Our resort beach photos and kids seeing us off:)

Bad Timing for HFM

Monroe had a blast at 4-h camp unfortunately she got Hand Foot Mouth prior and thankfully didn't share the love to many, it looked like she had a bit of an acne breakout. She told me before the 4-h dance her friends got their make up together and fixed her face,  she better keep those sweet friends around. 

Xander wasn't quite as lucky and got super sick in Omaha the day he was supposed to go to Olympic trials. I road tripped down to Omaha Mahoney State Park and picked him up, talk about awful timing, I felt so bad for him, he had been counting down the days to this weekend with his swim team. His blisters were T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E, honestly the pictures don't give you the full effect. Ibuprofen, benadryl and ice baths became his best friend for a few days. Again, not sure how none of  his swim friends got it as they shared a cabin the night before? Maybe it was the chlorine that kills everything and bleaches hair they are in everyday perhaps.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Stampeding through the weekend

A great lineup, fun friends, and some crazy people watching made country stampede another memory maker this year:) Love Dierks, pretty sure he is one of the only guy who can make this name cute.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cousin camp & Pool fun

 We enjoyed the Nashville Say cousins this summer that included lots of pool time and sleepovers!!

 Kingston went off the diving board for the first time without floats, this is our makeshift swim lessons this summer, it tends to look more like drowning than swimming.