Thursday, January 28, 2016


Roller skating with my kids and friends on a day off of school a week and a half ago, I was so sore and I am pretty sure I fractured my knee from falling but it was so worth it and fun. Manhattan needs a skating rink!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

This is how we roll

basketball one weekend, Monroe vs Caroline's Wamego basketball team

I prefer them on the volleyball court on the same team:)

volleyball photocreds to Cole:)
These faces of volleyball are some of my favorite!!! We had our first volleyball tourney a couple weekends a girl and the girls did awesome, so fun to watch their intensity and excitement.

Marlins cheering on their teammate:)

Feels like -7 out but Grandma & Grandpa Say still brave it to get to a game:)

One of 2 basketball tourneys Monroe will play in, I think this has been a challenge learning the game, but is keeping her in good shape.

I don't think my husband likes coaching at all;)

These boys played in their first basketball tourney and took 3rd, they lost one game in the last 30 seconds by one, did I mention I get super excited and I'm a yeller, yes they are in 3rd grade... Our team won first for fouls, we had 9 and the other team had 1 in the first half, Jude went off with a bloody lip and 4 fouls...

My personal favorite part of game days, eating out afterwards...

Kingston is enjoying taekwondo and is learning about confidence, respect and being brave, they are the cutest.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hostess with the mostess

My sister is awesome! A lot of times I am not sure where I fit in my family because I feel like my sisters are overachievers. This one I just wish lived closer but then I couldn't go intrude on her family for a week and have her plan everything. She planned, organized and made the best week for all of us. It's a natural mood lifter when I am around her. 
Roe: I want decorate my house like Jessie does when I get older. I totally get it Roe, there are so many characteristics that I didn't inherit that I could use of hers.And Preston, or fat dad-o as Stella calls him, the chef, laid back funny one, this is a great combo here.
New Years Eve we went to a friend of my sister who has 6 kids, Preston led a dance party and this particular friend is a pyro therefore fireworks were involved at midnight.

 2 hours of jumping and rock climbing for 8.00 well worth it!

Toe touches by my hub and Roe
1.00 swim day at the Surf and Swim

Xander: Mom, see we need an X box because it encourages family time...

Gorgeous temple lights along with some polygamous & bums

The most Jessie and I are alike is that we created the same child, these two are so weirdly similar it is crazy! 
& probably one of my kids favorite outings of the week was at the Dartside where there are 2 teams and Nerf war. Thanks for an awesome week Ponds.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Girl Power

These two were stuck like glue for the week, Stella offered pedicures during puzzle time, she is a hoot, I wish I could have had some footage of her singing and dancing, I am not sure where she came from.

Several things we need to open in Manhattan, "Fizz" a place to get yummy flavored cokes with good ice and cookies

Sephora stop to try on lip color

love us some puzzles

Sunday, January 10, 2016

#Ski Utah

the kids have never been skiing and it has been 20 yrs since Travis & I have, my parents gave us a day of skiing for Christmas, what an adventure!

Utah has great skiing, even the license plate says so:) Also, kids 6 & under ski free. We went to Nordic Valley, super cute place and so reasonable! For 75.oo the kids got 2 hours of ski school, their ski rentals and their lift ticket for the day, thanks Grampy & Grandma Susie for the sweet gift!

We drove 30 minutes through a snowy canyon and arrived and realized we forgot Jude's coat, this was a necessity since it was in the 20's, Preston thankfully had an extra coat of his own.

Jude was not upset by it, he is used to getting the leftovers most times;) He also got two left boots in the ski shop that caused a slight delay.

He looks like he has short little legs in this jacket that swallowed him:)

Xander & James getting ready to get on the lift that I saw take out several people.

lunch break with my faves

stopping on the slope for a sisters pic

cutest little snow bunnies getting ready for ski school

Xander, my oldest I thought cautious kid decided to go up the ski lift with my nephew Henry who is an experienced skier before ski school. I thought they were going on a little magic carpet but no they went up the ski lift that Xander had never been on. I had a panic attack, thinking there was no way he was making it down without a broken bone or head injury. Sure enough after not much time, he comes flying down, and thankfully wiped out and lost his skis before the orange plastic fencing that doesn't really provide a stop.
Next stop ski school, learning to stop is a priority...

Jude giving James a hand to help him up

Roe was a completely different story, she got bored in ski school but was completely frustrated to say the least the first time down the mountain. I was with her and she would fall and have a hard time getting back up because they don't give you poles anymore as beginners. I was attempting to help her get up with my poles, wow talk about a challenge. She would get one ski on and then start sliding, skiing down the mountain. After lots of tears and people looking at us crazy we made it down and thankfully the following times down the mountain were uneventful.

Jude had a more gracious fall, if he got going to fast he would just do a lean to the ground, thankfully Preston's coat allowed for good protection.

These two were the best! They would ride the magic carpet up and ski back down over and over!