Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy 8th Birthday Jude!

You have always been a big thinker..
Jude has some great friends at Marlatt, they are at such a fun age.

Jude has grown so much, he has had a great year in school, loving all sports, following all sports teams, which his father loves. I am loving his gracious sweet personality, love you Jude, your big heart melts mine.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Celebrating 11th B-day at State

I took the kids out of school early Friday to head to Kc for Roe to compete at State, she requested Rock a belly and I gladly agreed before leaving town.
When Roe found out she would be competing on her actual birthday she was pumped, what a perfect gift, made this pretty easy for me too:) We will start with the meet highlights, the gymnasts on most teams wore JL infinity tattoos for Jeryka:)
The girls got live like Jeryka for meet gifts, it is so hard to believe it has been 2 months since she has passed, we continue to love her and miss her so much.
There is a first time for everything..Roe fell on her last event which was beam, do you see the disappointment? She still got an 8.85, a great score.
 She placed on everything, except beam, best on floor and 5th all around, not too shabby, we are happy again with Becky and our bling.
 Nicole has stepped up coaching these girls, working another job and a full-time college student.
 Roe's ultimate goal was to qualify for Regionals which she did along with her teammates.  This means the season is not quite over and we will head to Estes Park, Co in May.  Jeryka, I know is so proud, all 3 of her level 7's qualified.
some great cheerleading friends!

 We got back to the hotel just in time to get a quick swim in and eat a giant size Rice Krispie Treat they were given by a random guest.

Jude took the number one spot for watching gymnastics for 3 1/2 hours, I know he loved.

celebrating after

Friday, March 27, 2015

Monroe is 11

 I think you knew even at 3 years old the gym would be your second home:)
 Monroe Belle, how I miss that sweet toddler face but am loving the young lady you have become, you continue to amaze me with your  determination and drive. You have such a sweet, sensitive spirit until it comes to competition where you have the boys beat in fitness testing this year with 75 push-ups, thank you Jeryka:)

Monday, March 23, 2015


love this kid and can't believe I am the mom of a teenager now, yikes!
Wasn't around boys much until I had one and so happy I did and so glad you were my first. I apologize to you everyday for that, but you have turned out pretty amazing, considering your parents were newbies..
I love that my oldest and youngest are so similar, I feel like I am experiencing Xander's toddler years again with Kingston in my 30's. 
He continues to love sweets and carbs, yep that would be my child. Your favorite class in middle school has been baking, yes you are going to make a good husband some day.
 maybe the swimming lessons when you were one paid off, because you only do that with your first child right?

It has been a complete joy to watch you grow and couldn't be more proud of you, love you Xander!

You are such a good sport, good sibling and friend and have turned into the best cheapest babysitter yet, some teen perks for parents. 
This is the goal tree he made during Crew at school #love

Spring Break 2015

Moms trip, dads get the break? Kingston is ready for the hotel pool before we left.
 We soaked up the weather and stayed in Kansas for spring break. With all my kiddos having birthdays we decided to do a repeat of last year skyzone and college basketball experience and invite friends this time. Boys definitely outnumbered the girls.
 I love their ages right now, pretty fun to take places, the dodgeball section was  a hit for these tweeners.

 Kingston was a little hesitant at first, thankfully Shannon rescued him and got him jumping in soon after.

 All the pics I have of Jude are upside down?
 the kids could have stayed longer at the basketball experience, a fun place to go with friends for sure.

 Jenny hotwired us a deal on rooms at the Sheraton, we had the pool area to ourselves.

 always have to fit in game time
  we skipped dinner, had healthy snacks instead and closed down the pool

 the kids took over the workout area, we wanted them to sleep good

 We tried out Spin Pizza, yummy salads and gelato, I think people thought we were crazy with all these kids.