Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Splashin good times

 My kids love the pool, we took advantage of a weekend day to go to City when I had Trav with me because I attempted once during the week and kept driving, I think it might serve as a babysitter for several kids during the week so we will avoid this again.
 This big blow up blue bouncy thing, looks a lot funner than it actually is or maybe I just don't have a lot of bounce;)

 Lazy river is more my style

 The rules are crazy, no shirts off the diving board because it could come up and suffocate you?? Jude looks like he has one arm in this picture, I think we are going to go through a lot of sunblock with this kid, I don't usually have trouble finding him.

We have to get Kingston swimming this year and we haven't enrolled in swim lessons, Im hoping Xander can teach him.
 thankful for older siblings
We got Kenzie working the Cico slide this summer so that is a bonus, she isn't a grommet nazi

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Little Apple Invitational 2015

So fun to have swim meets outside, we were a little concerned about weather but the stormy forecast didn't affect the meet, no lightning so we were good!
 Dj Trav got recruited for the weekend and used my running playlist for music, I might have to intervene next time

 I love to take swimming pictures, obviously;)

 just breathe

 The 200 IM is my favorite swim to watch, I had no idea what this is, I'm learning!
Fly for 50, backstroke for 50, breaststroke for 50 & 50 freestyle.

 pool game entertainment for the little fans
 trying to recruit some more Marlins here

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Kansas Children's Discovery Center

We took our littles to Topeka before school got out for a little day trip, I would definitely recommend for little people, they had a blast!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Last days of May

May was filled with banquets, parties, end of school craziness, and lots of rain!!
Jude's class on one of the last days of school, trip to Cico Park
I got to be in charge of games, water balloons + 60 degree weather, 2nd graders didn't seem to mind. They were pretty good at dropping the water balloons in the bucket challenge.

the littles

These girls in their end of the year play, Roe said Mrs.Payne must think she is funny because she gets the funny parts, she was a dog 90% of what she said was "Ruff"!
Their field day got rained out so they got to help with the younger grades

Jude & Luke rocked the 3 legged race
Tug of war didn't work out so well
 Mrs.Stenfors, one of the few teachers both Roe & Xander have had, she has been great. Good spirit, sense of humor, and Roe read more than any other year this year. She made up Topsy Turvy Tuesday for the last week of school, love that the boys aren't afraid to show some spirit.
 It was a super nice evening, one of the VERY FEW in May for the end of the year gym banquet
 Roe earned the Most Personality Award this year
 last day of preschool for Kingston with Miss Deanell
 He loves to dress in his brothers uniforms, all by himself!
he is a pretty good sport tagging along with me to all of his siblings activities, I like this guy:)
Missed the last half cause I only had my phone to record, but more from the dog part silliness
These handsome Marlatt grads all made the Night of Stars at Ams, complete with Olive Garden supper, next up 8th grade!