Sunday, July 14, 2013

"I love to watch you play"

Xander loved just playing city league this year and so did we!! It was still 5 nights a week (betw 3 kiddos)not including practices, but so great to be at cico, 2 min away!
He loved catching this year and we were blessed with a pretty nice June and July so the equipment didn't get too hot.

Xander pitching while Monroe's team was playing on Pluto field behind them:)

I had to miss several of Jude's t-ball games b/c I would have to go with one of the other 2 that were playing. He had some great kids on his team, hope we get a few of them next year, although I would prefer not to be the Cardinals.

Love the tongue, and love the kids on 3rd that are paying no attention to Jude hitting, this is T Ball:)

I didn't get many pictures of softball, but got some footage. The tournament got a little tense and we ended up playing extra innings and losing by one. It was rough, the umpires were more rough, so if anyone knows anyone who knows anything about softball (or at least where the baseline is) , they can get paid 15.00/hr, that is great money!

(Jeryka with a teary eyed Roe after the loss)
Jeryka got to sit with me and see how excited I get, think she is thankful she doesn't have to sit with me at gymnastics meets, not that I sit.

Shan took the girls to watch the championship, I love that they can still be good sports about it, even if there parents aren't;)
Shannon also sent me this article, hence my blog title,  and I had to share b/c it is such a great reminder what you shouldn't say to your kids, not sure why she sent it to me??

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