Friday, May 17, 2013

Field Day x 3

 Trav took pics at Roe & Jude's field day, it was always my absolute favorite day of the school year, of course that is when you got ribbons!:)
 (nice arrangement Trav) Mrs.Ribble says Roe is the model student, helps to have the model teacher, so organized and the best communicator, I could learn a few things from her.
 Mrs.Sandmann also getting some photo ops, of course it was 90 degrees on Tuesday,Trav had to bust out the sunblock a few times. I can't complain it could have been snowing..

 trying to talk Mrs.Sandmann into holding Jude back another year, I am going to miss this warm friendly smile every day

my kids favorite event, the shoe kick, now that takes skill

nothing to do with field day, didn't want King to feel left out of the post.

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