Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chicago Style

 Our weekend trip to Chicago was so awesome, little Miss attitude did great earning medals and scoring above 9's on floor, beam, bars & all around.
 Monroe outside our hotel with Lexi & Kylie, we hopped on a short ride to Navy Pier for the World's largest gymnastics meet.
 the ride on the metra was quite entertaining with our crew, lots of people watching, truthfully, I think most were watching us...

 slight flight delay on the way home, besides the 1 hr delay, the Manhattan to Chicago flight was so convenient!
 this little gym girl with not the best form was made out of balloons, hard to tell from pic
 Trav and Monroe at Navy Pier
 Xander and Cole took advantage of the free massages at the meet, they did work hard;)
 ready to hit the windy city
 my only complaint was the awards took FOREVER, what else would I expect from the largest meet?
 We did lots of walking, shopping and eating of course
 We loved watching Kylie and Lexi, our level 8's on Sunday, they did awesome!

 Cole was in charge of the scorebook, he gave himself perfect 10's on all events
 did I mention it was the longest national anthem too, I think we heard several anthems.

the girls sporting their new Chicago Style leos at practice, the gift from the meet!
getting a little break during the meet allowed our girls to get a peak at other coaching
(yelling) styles, again SO BLESSED to have Jeryka, who is crazy/patient/generous enough to give our girls this opportunity to compete Chicago style.

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Kit said...

So cool for Roe to get to experience all of that. Memories forever, I am sure.